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NOW AVAILABLE A Dozen Kiki Kelly Paintings

For the first time ever, 12 original mixed media paintings by Kiki Kelly** available for purchase.

TOP ROW, FROM LEFT  Applause, Bloom I, Constellations
SECOND ROW, FROM LEFT General Admission Spring*, In Like a Lion, Petunias
THIRD ROW, FROM LEFT Ranunculas*, Sea Serpent, Sea Urchins
FOURTH ROW, FROM LEFT Snow Flowers, Valentine, Vivaldi

Mixed media (collage, water color, acrylic paints, various pens, inks) on paper, archivaly corner mounted on foamcore and cello wrapped. All pieces excepting * are 11" x 14" and $200 ea, paintings with * are 16" x 20" and $300 each. S&H extra. I accept paypal, venmo, personal checks and payment plans. Inquiries may come to me.

I'm currently taking an online class called Symbolotry. The class is focused on finding a deeper understanding of the role symbols have in our lives, and then consciously using this knowledge to build a personally meaningful dictionary of symbolic marks in our artwork. It's been fascinating for me to dig into the sorts of brushwork and design elements from the Daydream paintings, learn their historic/personal symbolic natures, and then expand upon how I use them to tell a clearer story.

This morning around 3am I awoke from a deep sleep (tryptophan induced, of course) remembering a series of complex doodle-based paintings my alter ego Kiki Kelly** did about 7 years back. I knew I had these paintings somewhere in storage, and realized how fascinating it might be to examine and compare the past to the present.

It took some digging, but I found them, still mounted and shrink wrapped from their one and only journey into the real world (as guest artist at my local library). I was delighted to revisit some of my favorite color combinations from the past, reflect on lots of mixed media experimentation, and lose myself in the intriguing line work. In the process I realized that these pieces - through no fault of their own - had been robbed of other eyeballs all these years. Their joy was packed up and slipped into a box, and that wasn't right.

So I'm making them available to purchase for the first time ever!.They are very affordably priced because, well, Kiki Kelly, while being a rather intriguing artist, she remains as yet undiscovered. Perhaps one day her name will be on museum walls..... but in the meanwhile, it can be on yours!

The (10) 11x14 pieces are $200, the (2) 16x20s are $300. Each piece has it's own unique combination of collage, acrylic paints and inks, various pens, watercolors, washi tapes, etc. Some carry metallic bits. They are done on paper (so will need to be framed and set behind glass) and signed on the back. They will ship flat, archivaly corner mounted to foamcore and cello wrapped. I can combine s&h on these - please reach out for a quote.

Here's a link to the 12 original Kiki Kelly pieces, listed exclusively on my website. This link is the only way you can get at these - they are not listed or detailed anywhere else, so please bookmark for return visits. If you want to purchase via a check or payment plan (which my website does not accommodate), please shoot me an email with the title(s) you wish so that I can mark them sold.

I'm looking forth to sending these gems out into the world to shine.

And furthering my own understanding of symbols in my everyday life and philosophies.

Thanks, as always, for following along with my - and Kiki's - artwork journey,
Warmly, Kim

**Kiki was my nickname when I was very very young, and Kelly was my maiden, now my middle, name. At the time these paintings surfaced, I was immersed in representational, animal centric work, and these did not fit with the core of my portfolio, so I embraced my inner child and signed them as such. Funny how now they appear to be a natural extension of what I've been actively painting as of late.


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Thanks, as always, for following along with my art journey,
Warmly, Kim

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Thanks, as always, for following along with my art journey,
Warmly, Kim