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  Moonbeam, acrylic on panel, 20"x24", $1100 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come  to me. As an intuitive painter I never know where I'm going to end up. It's usually quite a bit downstream from where I started, but the best part is that in the process of making the art I learn more about myself and the things I truly value in the world.  There's also quite a bit of community involvement, too. And by community, I mean the other paintings and painting ideas surrounding me here in the studio, along with input from a few valued friends. I'm becoming a much better listener, and that sets me up to explore all sorts of things that might not have come to mind on their own. WIth Moonbeam, I listened to another in process piece (top left), so that when I discovered an intriguing passage I decided to showcase that on it's own in a new painting. Then, at the urging of my critique group, I explored that new in process painting (bottom
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  Tendril, acrylic on panel, 24"x24", $1200 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come  to me. One of my favorite spring hallmarks is the emergence of peonies. They first start as deep crimson tendrils, delicate leaves all twisted up together, waiting for the warmth of the sun to coax them out. The leaves green up, spread out and begin to take up space from their first full inhalation. Then the buds emerge like closed fists, growing slowly into bubblegum orbs, before the little dancing feet of ants cause them to unfurl. I tried to capture all of these stages, from the earliest shoots to the heavy opened blooms, in this painting. And of course there had to be a little fox kit tucked in, too, soaking up their fragrance while snticipating her next move. You can see Tendril in greater detail  here,  where there is also a link to purchase.  Let me know if you would like a payment plan (30% non refundable deposit with the balance plus s&h paid off wit


  Vernal, acrylic on panel, 24"x30" sold (thank you so much to my newest collector!!). Questions can always come  to me. This momma bear has been in process for quite some time. I think I started her last fall. My initial challenge was to explore what changed if the composition went from portrait to landscape and if I turned her gaze to the side. First off, the landscape orientation really softened her body language, and a molten effect settled into her form. And the averted gaze allowed the bear to become lost in her own thoughts. I took advantage of this shift to paint her as elements of the landscape, then fractured that further into bits of spring, which happens to be showing up (finally!) here in Michigan. I particularly like the echos of petals and leaf growth that flutter across the panel like butterflies and the warming sun beginning to peek out in the east, behind her right eye. You can see Vernal in greater detail  here . Here's a little  video  that showcases h


  Offering, acrylic on cradled wood panel with small shelf attached, sides finished (no need to frame), 21"x25"x3-1/2", $1700 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Objects pictured on shelf (shell, marble, sparkley rock and acorn) can be included. Questions can always come  to me. If you wish to befriend a crow, simply leave her small treasures. Food, trinkets, shiny things. Establish a schedule and an offering place. It won't take long for her to recognize your face and learn you can be trusted. The idea of adding painted offerings into my crow pieces surfaced pretty early on. I tucked some into a couple of my paintings. And then I got to thinking about going dimensionally and adding a little shelf that would allow for the literal offering to happen vis a vis the viewer. I took this painting while still in process to  my framer  and shared my idea. Thanks to DJ, who is a finish carpenter, I walked out with this lovely shelf constructed of scrap frame molding.


  Windswept, acrylic on panel, 24"x30", $1300 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Questions can always come  to me. “Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”― Mary Oliver, West Wind: Poems and Prose Poems When you listen to Windswept, what do you hear? what sense does she awaken? does anything shift in your body or mind? You can experience Windswept in greater detail  here  and even make her your own.  ALSO, I've just opened a free trial period inside   my student membership online classroom. Sign up   to check out the content for 7 days, no obligation, and see the magic that plays out over there.  Thanks so much for your interest in my artwork, All my best, warmly, Kim


  Fledged, acrylic and graphite on cradled wood panel, 8"x8", 1" profile painted with a mica infused dark gray carrying a hint of sparkle, no need to frame, $550 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Questions can always come  to me. here's another sweet nest I am continuing to explore the image of nests and their metaphorical meaning as our family celebrates yet another graduation - that of my daughter in law. This one feels particularly symbolic in that the bottom of the nest seems to be missing. She's also got a bit more complexity in both design and mark making because she's a bit larger than the other two. But still intimately sized. And with that mica infused dark brown edge that sets her off magically. You can see Fledged in greater detail  here  and even make her your own.  Thanks so much for your interest in my artwork, All my best, warmly, Kim


  Cumulous, acrylic and graphite on cradled wood panel, 20"x24", 1-1/2" profile, sides painted so no need to frame, $1500 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Questions can always come  to me. the crows continue to come off my easel I suppose I could officially call them a murder, right? This is the 4th crow painting in this avian-venture.  I thought it might be fun to treat this painting as a vessel using some of my treasured techniques, as a nod to crows collecting their own treasures. There's many layers of marks, random line work, drippy paint, carved brushwork, warped organics, nuanced color, a bright sky and floral filled heart. And of course an eye that is full of life. You can see Cumulous in greater detail  here  and even make her your own.  Also, the next live session of Watching Paint Dry will be on May 24th at noon eastern. This will be a show and tell, with the camera turned on YOU and your artwork. You can learn more  here . Thanks so much for yo