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Monday, July 21, 2014

Another Year

Pic from my Saratoga Race Track archives, horses running in the slop. Which today sorta felt like, despite the sunshine. And that's ok - not every day can be full of glitter and rainbows.

It's a tradition. Every year on my birthday, I ask readers and fans of my artwork to pay it forward. Do something wonderful and unexpected for the world. Then, sit back and enjoy.

This year's no exception. Have fun!

Today is my birthday, and it's been melancholy.

I'm thinking of my cousin's 2 year old who started his final round of chemo and 14th month of treatment (neuroblastoma sucks). 

And then I think of my friend who lost her son last month (did I say that cancer sucks).

And then I went to ask Margot her opinion of something and I remembered she's gone (cancer really does suck).

And of course I miss Nonno - what I wouldn't give to hear him sing happy birthday to me one more time.

But then The Caped Crusader walks in the door with that irresistible smile on his face and his arms full of special stuff just for me, and I remember why I feel these losses so deeply. Because I also have tremendous love.

Heading tomorrow to Saratoga - I'll arrive on Wednesday. Stay tuned for an attitude adjustment, Mrs. London's pastries, and the warmth of great friends.

Don't forget to pay it forward!


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