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  "Rose Hips," 28" x 18", acrylics and graphite on gallery stretched canvas, painting wrapped around the sides, $979 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. I accept Paypal, personal checks and payment plans.   Please message me.   I've been sharing in process pics of this one over   on my Facebook page   the past few days (I need to be more consistent with   Instagram , too - any suggestions on how I can do that?). The bear and her rabbit companion went through a couple different iterations. I had a tough time letting them just show up, and kept trying to force my own expectations onto the piece. But they were patient and gave me plenty of opportunity to quiet myself and listen. My online students are getting a deeper analysis of the piece's progression and what will come next. You have a standing invitation to   join us. Thanks for following along on my painting journey. Stay well, Fondly, Kim
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NEW WORK Psyche 164

  Kimberly Kelly Santini   paintings with soul because our world needs more beauty   From the ongoing series of 2020-21 world events' inspired drawings, "Psyche 164," graphite on paper, 11" x 8-1/2" (this is an up close view of the drawing, which is roughly 3" high).  Long time readers of my newsletters know I've been drawing quite a bit this past year, but I've not shared much of them. A couple reasons why, but mostly because I wanted to stay focused on the content of the drawings, and not get distracted by the commodity aspect that happens when something is for sale. These also came from a deeply personal space, a space I wished to protect as they emerged, for fear ( there's that word again! ) that too much hullabaloo would send them into hiding. It's difficult to be vulnerable. It's even more difficult to be vulnerable at a time of great uncertainty. And I cannot recall a time of greater fear and tension at a global level that right n

NEW PAINTING Rabbit and Fox

  Kimberly Kelly Santini   paintings with soul because our world needs more beauty   "Rabbit and Fox," 16" x 20", acrylics and graphite on oval shaped, gallery wrapped canvas, with image painted around the sides, so no need to frame. This painting can be yours for $699 plus s&h; returning collectors get 10% off. I accept Paypal, personal checks and payment plans. Please  message me  you inquiries, and thank you very much. Fear has been on my mind a lot lately. I have anxiety (and honestly, this last administration hasn't helped, but that's a conversation for another time and place), and often use my paintings and journal as a place to work things out. This one in particular - the rabbit's body language tells us that she has seen something, but she's not yet fled. Is her fear really manifested, is it the ghost of something in her heart, or has she risen above it? That's up to the viewer to decide. This painting was done overtop   "Empathy


  "Sentinels," 9" x 12", mixed media on panel. This painting is the first completed piece to come out of the new studio, and she found a home rather quickly. Thank you very much to my new collector. Feel free to   message me   with your own inquiries, and thank you very much. I'm here, in the new studio, and mostly unpacked. There's a couple things to still iron out, like the fuse that is tripped when I blow dry my painting and have the space heater going, but I solved that today by painting in my Comfy. I didn't even have to turn the heater on! It feels fitting that 2020 is closing out a personal chapter for me. I literally have gotten a clean slate with this new space. I spent this morning planning for 2021 - a year where, most likely, travel will still be non-essential for many of us, and public events like group meetings and in person workshops will not be feasible. I'm going to focus on building digital content for my online classroom and begin

STUDIO NEWS December 2020

  A recent drawing done in conte and graphite on paper. Studio News, December 2020 Looking back, 2020 was quite a ride. It took me places I didn't want to be and pushed in directions I did not want to go. There was kicking and screaming and tears. And quite a few ugly cries. And then there were insanely beautiful moments, made all the more precious because of their proximity to the darkness. And here I am, in the final throes of an extraordinary year, in a new studio and a new home, with a new body of work I'm readying to share. When the pandemic cancelled my years' plans, I regrouped. Instead of exhibiting, traveling and teaching other artists in person, I turned inward and invested in myself. I spent my year actively studying. I took online classes and worked with Ardith Goodwin, Alyssa Monks, Stanka Kordic, Michael Carson, and Nick Wilton, amongst others. But I would say that, hands down, the hardest and most rewarding artwork, of which the above portrait is just one, wa


  Winter White, original acrylic and graphite on wooden cradled panel, 8"x10"x1", $399 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. Requests may come   straight to me   and thanks in advance.  These owls have been enormously popular, and I regret that there's only one original. But as a consolation prize, I am making prints and notecards and all sorts of other goodies available featuring them. Prices start at $2 - there's something for everyone and every price point.   REPRODUCTIONS CAN BE ORDERED HERE.  (I don't mean to "yell," simply making sure this link is seen, since I am getting so many requests, lol!) And if you want an original owl for your own,   message me . We'll figure it out - I can't guarantee holiday delivery of the artwork, but I make a lovely gift certificate instead, and the recipient can have the experience of participating in/watching their painting unfold. Thank you so much for following along with my journey. Stay well, Kim


  Royalty, original acrylic and graphite on wooden cradled panel, 6"x8"x1", private collection (thank you so much!).  REPRODUCTIONS OF ALL THE OWL PAINTINGS CAN BE ORDERED HERE. This is the painting demo I livestreamed, with 2 hours of instruction  right here   on the studio Facebook page. This morning my   online students  got exclusive access to a second video summarizing how I finished this one and identifying my personal take aways from the process. Part 1 stays up on FB until the end of the month - after that, it, along with the exclusive Part 2, will be available only in   my online classroom . Speaking of which, at $60/year, a seat in my online classroom is a fantastic gift for the creative soul in your life. We talk about painting, idea generation, studio business, inspiration - anything related to the act of making art is fair game! About once a week I invite online students into my studio via videos and links to other content, each designed for self study at th