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In 2015 I am honored to be the Kentucky Derby Artist.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Susie Sheltie

"Susie Sheltie," 6" square, pet portrait of a Sheltie, acrylic on board, $249. Inquiries may come to


Susie is the other "make-up" portrait that goes along with Bubbles (from Sat). Susie made the cut because of the tremendous effort her current family put forth to rescue her. Susie was starving, matted and terrified, bandoned in an industrial area near an international airport. It took a crew of volunteers several hours in inclement weather to crate Susie, after which she was taken immediately under the wing of one family and whisked into veterinarian care.

Never daunted, the man who instigated all this (ironically, Susie bit him during the dramatic rescue) brought her without hesitation into his home and family, where she is now a beautiful and devoted companion. After Susie joined their family, they also became involved in Sheltie rescue, where they now assist with transports, opened their hearts and home to animals needing foster care, and help their group out with in-home visits.

I love hearing stories like this. Stories where incidents have spurred people into action, allowing them to reach out and make a difference. There are so many inspiring stories out there, and I especially love being able to bring them to the Painting a Dog a Day project. Thank you to Susie and her family for sharing their tale!

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Consider the opportunity for this sort of a deal my holiday gift to you - take a peek (item number 330285879451, seller id "turtledovedesigns", the tinyurl link above will take you right to the ebay listing), place a bid, and hold your breath!!

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