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In 2015 I am honored to be the Kentucky Derby Artist.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prayer Flags

From my journal, a spread carrying prayer flags, which I will be leading my grownUP students in creating during tonite's class.

Did you know that we all breathe molecules that Leonardo da Vinci breathed himself? that we have the ability to put positive, brilliant energy out for others to benefit from? I'm fascinated as of late by the idea of karmic attraction - like attracting like. Our personal energy fields impact more than we realize.

Prayer flags are a beautiful manifestation of desires and wishes. Intentions are put onto a "flag" using symbols and text and a variety of media. That flag is hung in a window or outdoors, where the breeze can pick up those intentions and carry them into the world.

Ok, call me that kooky crazy artist lady. I've been called worse.

But the Princess and I made some healing flags together and strung them on the back porch - we talked about her baby cousin who's healing from heart surgery and visualized the flags traveling all the way to Canada to bless her little sleeping form. And you know what? We didn't feel so helpless afterwards.

Later that day, I spent some quiet time under the flags thinking about the friend of a friend who had a mastectomy earlier this week, other friends who are mourning, and the list just went on. I was able to connect with the people I cared about, near and far, and send them my love. The flags are a shrine of hope, right here in our home.

Kim, who's delighted to have a new-to-her means to send good vibes to those who might benefit from it

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