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Since October 2006 I've been a daily painter, creating a new pet portrait at least 5 times per week. Over the years I've expanded my offerings to include a variety of animals, pets, race horses, children and other treasured heirlooms. In addition, I accept a limited number of commissions each year.

In 2015 I am honored to be the Kentucky Derby Artist.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

“White Pit Bull Study (Kaya),” 6” x 6”, pit bull pet portrait in acrylic on canvasboard, $60. Inquiries to .


An astute dog-a-day reader pointed out something I found a little disturbing about the Humane Society of the United States. Apparently they changed their position on Michael Vick’s dogs ( Based on that, and my belief in supporting animals in need, I will instead be making the donations from yesterdays and today’s paintings to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. THANK YOU to my reader for pointing out the HSUS’s change of heart!

What I was mesmerized by today (other than the fact that groups can do a total 360 in a flash!) was the translucency of Kaya’s fur, the way her pink and spotted skin seemed to glow from underneath it’s fine layer of pale hair. This sort of transparency lends itself beautifully to layers of glaze, and I laid down quite a few. This painting will take a good day or 2 to dry out completely – how do those of you who work in oil deal with stacking and storing all of your wet paintings?

Just a little plug for my event again - I’ll have a booth at next week’s Dog Day’s of August in downtown Lake Orion (Michigan) Saturday, August 11th., 10am-3pm. Dog-a-days will be on display, along with some larger paintings. Please stop by - I’ll have my camera ready to shoot all sorts of reference photos, so bring along your dogs and we’ll see what sorts of paintings they’ll translate into!

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