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Since October 2006 I've been a daily painter, creating a new pet portrait at least 5 times per week. Over the years I've expanded my offerings to include a variety of animals, pets, race horses, children and other treasured heirlooms. In addition, I accept a limited number of commissions each year.

In 2015 I am honored to be the Kentucky Derby Artist.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Creative Process, In Process


IN PROCESS, WORKING TITLE:  "Begonia," 10" x 16", acrylics on a museum quality panel, still life of potted plants alongside a sleeping orange tabby, $629 (when finished) to the first one asking nicely.

Inquiries can come via email, thank you very much.

In process pics of Begonia are on the studio Facebook page.

My eldest son, fondly referred to as The Man Child, is planning a career in percussive music. The last 7 years, I've been to an untold number of lessons, rehearsals, concerts, competitions, auditions and performances, and I'm coming to recognize all sorts of parallels between creating visual and audial art.

Last night we had a discussion about why he needed an expensive pair of headphones. He equated it to the quality of my paint and trying to work with a gummed up brush. He reminded me that listening to music, for him, was work, and he wanted better tools so that he could work smarter.

I realized that he analyzes the world with his ears, just like I do with my eyes.

We both are processing and filtering and returning our creations into the universe, each with our own language.

And then I got to thinking about how much richer the entire world would be if everyone could do that, just for a few minutes each day. Put something new entirely their creation out into the universe.

It could be a song.
Or a poem.
Or mismatched socks.

That's a heck of a lot of positive, creative energy flowing into the universe. Think of all the smile energy. It would HAVE to make a change. Right?

Are you up for the challenge? Tell me in your comments what you end up doing!

Thanks so much for following my artwork,

PS Yes, he got the headphones. And I get to use them when he's at school. :)

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