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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kidney Stones and Copyright Thieves

Betcha you thought you'de never see that blog header!

For starters, after 10 rather agonizing days, I've finally passed my kidney stone. There was much celebration this morning.

But now I have another headache to deal with. Yup. Another copyright thief.

Seems like a certain "Artist" has been paying honor to those who's work she likes by painting copies. Then this certain "Artist" sells these copies as their own on ebay. 1300 sales to their name over the course of the years with 100% satisfaction. Because they ship on time. Too bad there isn't an ebay rating for originality and integrity.

So after celebrating The Passing of My Stone, I spent my morning filling out forms and doing the legal paperwork so that ebay removes the listings from their site. Keep in mind these are sales which were already completed. The "Artist" has her money. Nothing will really happen to her.

This sort of thing drives me absolutely mad. This "Artist" has sold over 250 paintings in the last two months, at least 20 of which I identified this morning as copies of MINE. I recognized another 30 of those 250 pieces of this "Artists" work as copies belonging to friends of mine (who have been alerted).

And I know that this "Artist" was already reported for the same thing last week.

"Artist" has a statement about copyright on their ebay listings. Ironic given that they themselves do not honor copyright laws.

I need to move past this. I allowed "Artist" to steal a huge chunk of my day and cloak it in anger.

I will refocus on the good news - I've passed a rather hefty kidney stone. 

This "Artist" too shall pass.

And I have the skills to make my own truly original, non derivative, art. Which I plan to do right after driving The Princess to ballet.

Thanks for letting me vent,

PS If you are an artist struggling with copyright issues, feel free to share an earlier blog post I wrote, An Open Letter to Copyright Thieves.

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