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"Henry," 6" square, acrylics on museum quality panel, a commissioned portrait of, well, of Henry. Private collection (THANK YOU!).

Henry's in process here on the studio's Facebook page.

Inquiries are always welcomed - yes, I can do something similar for you - shoot an email in my direction.

Henry's Grandma has two favorite animal painters and couldn't choose who she wanted to paint his likeness, so she extended an invitation to the both of us.

I was pleased to hear that Karen Mathison Schmidt was the other artist. I'm an admirer of her work, and this gave me an excuse to introduce myseld and ask to be her friend.

She said yes, BTW.

And, she'll be sharing her version of Henry later today on her blog, too.

I can't wait to see what she did with his cute little face,


  1. I would like to see the reference photo you and Karen Schmidt are using - see how both of you approach this is fascinating - the in progress photos are invaluable.

    1. Sue, Karen and I are using different photos as main inspiration. I think we got the same initial batch of images as a means of introduction to Henry, though. So there's more to the differences in our paintings (meaning more in addition to our stylistic differences). But that's a good question and point!! I should be more diligent in sharing my source materials along with the in process pics!!


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