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In 2015 I am honored to be the Kentucky Derby Artist.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AirMail Journaling


It's nearly impossible to schedule any sort of workshop in the summertime that works with everyone's calendar. There's vacations and sunshine and working parents and travel sports teams and watermelon, and frankly, I can't blame anyone for choosing those sorts of things over taking a class (even though my physical class IS in a toy store).

I still wanted to tailor my offering to somehow flex around everyone's schedule. I spent some time on the back porch, just listening to the birdsong and wondering when life got so darned busy. I got all melancholy recalling the long summer days of my childhood - melty popsicles, the smell of hot pavement, the sting of sprinkler water on sunburned skin, the excitement of the mail's arrival (was there anything for ME?) - and BING - AirMail Journaling was born!

I've had the most fabulous time designing five entirely new lesson plans for this summer's journaling adventure. These are brand spanking new projects with many facets, designed to appeal to multiple ages (5 and upwards), created to inspire a curious eye and adventurous spirit. It is my hope that they result in multiple journal pages - maybe even a trip to the library or additional internet research and learning, too.

The projects will arrive over the course of the summer in 5 separately mailed envelopes with fun and funky design. The packets will contain detailed instructions, prompts, and a handful of ephemera or supplies to get you or your child started. It is my hope that the materials in the packet will provide multiple days of exploration for each journaller, but attention spans and interest levels will vary, so your mileage may differ. I will include plenty of different sparklers, though, to provide a broad appeal. Students are also welcome to take the initiative and run in their own direction.

There will be a short and inexpensive supplies list along with some other items journallers can find around their home (like an old house painting brush and a bucket of water). I will include a link on the list so that supplies may be ordered online - this will further simplify participation for those in remote areas. As always, students are also welcome to supplement with their own materials and ideas as they surface.

Another element of the project which I am excited about is an online classroom, totally private, where parents and students can share photos of their journal pages. This will be facilitated via a private Facebook group**. Additionally, I will use this group to field questions or provide feedback on aspects of the lessons. Those of you who know me can also look forward to additional information via newly discovered books or websites or tangental ideas. Instructions on how to access this private Facebook space, along with the supplies list, will be emailed after enrollment is completed.

The entire cost for all 5 lessons is $30 per student. Families are welcome to enroll as one student - just keep in mind that each envelope will include one student's amount of materials, so in instances where I am including collage papers, each envelope will carry the same amount of paper. I am sorry that right now I am not able to make allowances or accommodations for multiple enrollments per address, but I promise you I will consider this for my next AirMail Journalling session.

If you are interested in enrolling, you may send payment via Paypal to or you can send a check to the studio (346 N Anderson, Lake Orion, MI 48362). Receipt of payment will be acknowledged with an email requesting additional information (so that I can build the workshop's mailing list).

I look forward to AirMail Journaling with you this summer!

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