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Silhouette, Black Cat

"Silhouette," 8" square, black cat portrait , acrylic on canvasboard. This one is mine. Although inquiries may still come to me at - I can always paint something special just for you. You know, I hate this green carpet. It came with our house and is ancient and matted and just plain ugly. But because it was relatively clean, we left it and made other, more pressing, home improvements. (After all, it wasn't nearly as ugly as the copper and silver folied paisley wallpaper in the family room!). By the time we worked our way through all the other rooms and got to replacing the carpet, the cats were sick. It made no sense to put down anything new. Now we're talking about tearing it up, maybe even this weekend. So why am I not excited about getting it out of here? The green, though, really makes a nice backdrop for Miah. My recent paintings of Miah remind me of ancient Chinese paintings, the ones with elegant ladies or flowers in beautif
"Bonnie & Clyde," 8" x 16", commissioned pet portrait starring two bulldogs, acrylic on canvasboard, private collection (THANK YOU!). Inquiries to . This painting was such a delight to work on! All the folds of skin and the subtle coloring led themselves to lots of wet-on-wet work. Pushing and pulling the paint around, mixing the colors, even on the surface. I had to pay careful attention to the color of the dog's skin (especially fair Bonnie!), and the lay of the fur, as that impacted the saturation of apricot or pink or lavendar or green. This is the sort of painting that makes me wish I worked in oils, since they stay wet longer and allow for more play time (especially when I mess up, like I did a couple times - hence the later posting). I'm going to try my hand at oil paints with a pleain-air landscape class in June. We'll see how much I like them then! Thanks, as always, for looking. And for sharing these paintin
FROM TOP: "A Little Glee (Hallie)," 6" x 8", acrylic on canvasboard; and "Glee (Hallie)," 10" x 12", acrylic on panel; both depicting a long-haired daschund. Inquiries to . I enjoyed painting the two Silas's last Friday so much that I decided to do the same with Hallie. Here she is, both of her(!), in all her glory, romping through the spring grass. Hallie belongs to Dee Dee Murry, a friend of mine who is an incredibly talented artist in her own right ( ). Poor little Hallie has been wrung through the wringer this winter with back issues. Crate rest is a tough prescription for an active little one like Hallie. But all had healed come spring, and Dee Dee sent me photos of Hallie loving life. The joy in the dog's face was simply irresistable, and I begged her to let me paint Hallie this week (I had a client scheduled who hadn't yet gotten me photos). Of course, as things go, Ha

Silas at the Beach

FROM TOP: "Silas on the Beach II," 12" square, and Silas on the Beach I," 8" square, mixed breed commissioned pet portrait , acrylic on canvas. Silas on the Beach II is headed home to Silas's family, and the other will be sent to an exhibition later this summer. Inquiries may come to . Silas was fondly called a "son of a New Mexican ditch dog" since his mother was found, starving, in a highway ditch. He grew into a gorgeous and wonderful companion, one who continues to be missed dearly by his family. Earlier this week I returned to the Detroit Institute of Arts to have a second peek at their exhibition of Ashcan School artists. Those interested can read a little more about the Ashcan movement and the Group of Eight at . I was completely blown away by the paintings and drawings, even more so the second time through: the confidant brushwork, the simple composit

Two Sweets

"Lollipop I" from the "Tags, Toys & Treasures" series, 6" x 12", still life painting depicting an old-fashioned lollipop, $239 to the first buyer. Inquiries to . My booth at last weekend's Flower Fair was situated directly opposite a candy vendor. Was it sheer coincidance, or did the event coordinator know my weakness for sweets (fess up Reggie!!)? Regardless, after eyeballing glorious mountains of fudge for over 10 hours, I caved. Who wouldn't? I bought a generous cube of orange creme marbled fudge - it will make for a beautiful painting (and yes, I am painting it before eating it!!). I also picked up a handful of these wonderful lollipops, all twisted and bright with colors. My kids are fighting over who gets them when I'm done..... But back to business, and today's dog: "Jack," 5x7, commissioned pet portrait, acrylic on board, private collection (THANK YOU!!). Not to diminish Jack in any way

Pangi, the Chinese Crested Chihuahua

"Pangi," 6" x 12", commissioned Chinese Crested Chihuahua portrait, acrylic on board, private collection (THANK YOU!). If you are lucky in life, you will have walked a portion of it with a soul mate. Some are lucky enough to be able to travel through with several. Pangi was just such a little guy for his mother. Vibrant, affectionate, and tenacious, he is missed. It was an honor to capture his devotion and curiousity in paint. Inquiries may always come to me at . Thanks, as always, for looking. And for sharing these paintings with your friends and family. Take care, Kim Kimberly Kelly Santini distinctive pet portraits & 4-legged paintings come. sit. stay. enjoy the art. Founding member of the Canine Art Guild the gateway to canine art on the web

"Lucy Brown, Terrier Extraordinaire"

"Lucy Brown," 8" square, commissioned dog portrait of a terrier mix, acrylic on board, private collection (THANK YOU!). Inquiries and comments can come via email at . Lucy Brown is a one year old little stray with a tremendous appetite. In her new home in just a short window of time she's eaten two lawnchairs, the hallway baseboards, and an upholstered armchair. Not for lack of real food, as she regularly cleans out the cats' food dish along with her own. After she's done something wrong (ie, eaten something she should not have!), she just sits and grins, very pleased with herself, no doubt. I wonder what tricks she'll pick up during obedience training!! Thanks to everyone who stopped at my booth (aka kite!) at the Flower Fair this past weekend, despite the crazy weather. I had a good time meeting each of you and sharing stories. Welcome to the dog a day family, and thanks for signing up to follow along with my daily pain

"Thomas the Terrier"

"Thomas the Terrier," 6" x 12", mixed breed dog portrait , acrylic on canvasboard, private collection (THANK YOU!). Inquiries to . Something about terriers - they are so very full of life. Thomas's fur just crackles with electricity. The complimentary colors add to that effect. Tomorrow there will be no dog-a-day painting, as I'll be prepping and packing up for the Lake Orion Flower Fair. If you are going to be in the area, please stop by and say hello. My booth will be just south of the Broadway and Flint Street intersection, on Broadway near the Sagebrush Cantina. In my tent I'll have original gallery stretched canvases, paintings on canvasboard, giclees, and notecards. Even better - bring a friend in tow - I'll have my camera on hand, and will be able to shoot reference photos and book your dog-a-day commission on the spot. I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday, returning to the studio and painting daily portra

"Going Places," from the Tags, Toys & Treasures series

"Going Places" from the "Tags, Toys & Treasures" series, 4" x 8", still life painting depicting vintage Fisher Price Little People dalmation on tricycle, acrylic on board, private collection (THANK YOU!). Look out Pooh - here comes the Fisher Price dog!! This is the latest piece headed towards one lucky child's room. My client has scooped up a number of paintings from the "Tags, Toys and Treasures" series to decorate her nursery. You can see more work from this series at . I'll also have a number of pieces with me at this weekend's Lake Orion Flower Fair, in downtown Lake Orion, at my booth on South Broadway. Please stop by, say hello, and dig through my stash of paintings to see if you can't find a treasure of your own. Inquiries may always come to . Props too - if you have a special memento from your childhood that you would like

Dakota (Beagle Study)

"Dakota (Beagle Study)," 6" x 8", beagle pet portrait , acrylic on board, private collection (THANK YOU!). Inquiries to . Beagles always look like puppies to me, with their doe eyes, long ears, and expressive faces. Dakota also carries a little bit of worldliness about her, and that combination is very appealing. Dakota is a rescue with an unknown past that involved cruelty (perhaps those sorts of details are best left unknown). After 12 years of love and care, she's gained self-confidance and turned into a sweetheart. Proceeds from the sale of Dakota's portrait will go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah ( ). Thanks, as always, for your time in looking at and sharing my paintings and the dog's stories with your family and friends. And thank you, also, for your support and condolances about Miah. You have no idea how much they help. Talk to you tomorrow, Kim Kimberly Kelly Santini http://ww
My apologies in advance to all you dog fans out there - I know you've seen quite a few cats lately. I promise to get back to canines starting tomorrow. "Winter Sunlight," 14" x 20", portrait of my Miah, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. I'm keeping this one for myself. Miah took a turn for the worse over the weekend. This morning it was time to let her go. I held he while she crossed the bridge, and shed what felt like the millionth tear. I didn't feel much like doing anything but lingering with her memories most of the morning, so I indulged myself. When I wandered into the studio to sort through the mail, this half-finished canvas was staring at me. I had blocked it in immediately after painting two dog-a-day paintings of Miah earlier this year (posted on March 11th, 2008). I found myself pulling the canvas down and setting my palette up with the greens. As a kitten Miah rode on my shoulders when I painted. What I wouldn't give to feel her warmth

Kitten Nest

Currently untitled, kitty portrait depicting a pile of kittens from the Oakland Pet Adoption Center, 12" x 16", acrylic on gallery stretched linen, $559. $110 from the purchase of this painting will be donated in the buyer's name to the Oakland Pet Fund ( ), a group dedicated to making Oakland County Michigan a no-more-homeless-pets community by 2010. Inquiries may come to me at . The first thing I saw upon entering the Oakland Pet Adoption Center last week was this pile of kittens in the front lobby. Entranced, I immediately photographed 100 frames or so of the little furballs. I was interested in the play of light against their shapes, and the occasional shape of a paw or ear amongst all the fur. Then this little one pulled her head up and gave me The Eye. Right away I knew I had a very special larger-than-life painting brewing. I went out the very next day to purchase linen, the rolls-royce of painting sur
"Kitty Baroo," 6" x 8", tortoiseshell tabby cat portrait , featuring a cat from the Oakland Pet Adoption Center, acrylic on board, $199 to the first buyer. $38 from the sale of this painting will be donated to the Oakland Pet Fund ( ) in support of their efforts to make Oakland County Michigan a no-more-homeless-pets community by 2010. Inquiries may come to me at . SOLD. This beautiful cat was in a crate with what I presumed to be her daughter, a slender, younger and careful shadow. Entranced by their matching markings, I aimed my camera. At the first click of the shutter, the older cat twisted her head around sideways, doing a perfect Baroo. She held her head at this ridiculous angle and then squinted her eyes down and smiled (no joke, I have the photos to prove it!). She kept leaning over, further and further, until she flopped on her side, stretching her front paws out towards me. She eagerly batted

Animal Welfare Week - Two Kittens

"Saucer Eyed," 4" x 8", tabby cat portrait , featuring a resident of the Oakland Pet Adoption Center, acrylic on board, $149 to the first buyer. $28 from the sale of this painting will be donated to the Oakland Pet Fund ( ) in support of their goal to make Oakland County Michigan a no-more-homeless-pets-community by 2010. Inquires to . SOLD. This painting makes me feel warm all over. The oranges radiate the heat of a fire, and the bright eyes lock you into the glow. This little kitten was very interested in all that I did, and demanded a painting that oozed with her curiousity and precociousness. "Hope," 6" square, marmalade cat portrait , featuring a resident of the Oakland Pet Adoption Center, acrylic on board, $149 to the first buyer. $28 from the sale of this painting will be donated to the Oakland Pet Fund ( ) in support of their goal to make Oakland Co

Animal Welfare Week - Tick Hound and Creed

"Tickhound," 5" x 7", tick hound mixed breed painting, featuring a dog from the Oakland Pet Adoption Center, acrylic on board, $149 to the first buyer. $28 from the sale of this painting will go to the Oakland Pet Fund ( ) in support of their efforts to make Oakland County a no-more-homeless-pets community by 2010. Inquiries to . SOLD. The markings on this dog were extraordinary. A tri colored mask, followed up with a body full of ticking and freckled feet the size of saucers. I would have loved to watch this dog at liberty, following the trail of a scent, ears flapping along the ground, tail flagging everyone behind to come follow. "Come on! Look what I've found!!" FROM TOP: "Creed I", 4" x 5", mixed breed (lab and pit bull?) dog portrait, featuring a dog from the Oakland Pet Adoption Center, acrylic on board, $115 to the first buyer; "Creed II," 4" x 8&

Animal Welfare Week - Yellow & Scruffy

We're entering May's Animal Welfare Week, which marks a full year that Painting a Dog a Day has supported animals in need. For those of you who are new to the Painting a Dog a Day project, the first full week of each month I profile shelter/rescue/service dogs, and proceeds from their paintings' sales are returned to the animal's host shelter/rescue/Paws With a Cause. The project has raised over $3500 to date !! A huge round of applause is due for everyone for contributing to making this happen! This week all the animals I will paint are from the Oakland Pet Adoption Center on Brown Road in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Proceeds from the sale of these paintings will go directly to the Oakland Pet Fund ( ), dedicated to making Oakland County Michigan (my stomping grounds) a no more homeless pets community by 2010!! So, without further ado, let's start the week out with a couple of furry faces. "Yellow (Lab Mix)," 8" square, la

Two Horses

FROM TOP: "Hey, You!," 6" x 8", equine portrait in acrylic on canvasboard, custom framed in beautifully detailed wood molding, $279; "Buckskin," 4" x 5", equine portrait in acrylic on canvasboard, not for sale. Inquiries to . "Hey, You!" is from a photo my then 8 year old son took while accompanying me on a photo shoot. I do like the perspective, which was his literal point of view while this stallion towered above and zoomed in to lip the camera lens. It must've smelled of peppermints! My son negotiated a pint of ice cream as payment for copyright permission to paint from his photo. He's a kid after my own heart! And it never hurts to learn copyright respect at an early age! "Buckskin" is an early birthday gift for a dear friend, Juliet Harrison. She's a brilliant equine photographer (you can see her work at ) , generous with her ideas, always will
FROM TOP: "Soul," 4" x 5", bay horse painting in acrylic on canvasboard, $115, SOLD ; "Mama's Boy," 6" x 8", mare and foal equine portrait in acrylic on canvasboard, $199, SOLD . Inquiries to . With "Soul," my original intent was not to focus on the eye, but rather the white blaze between the planes of his face and the sky. I chose the wrong shaped board, though, which essentially forced my hand in designing the composition. I got distracted in the reflections and color around the eye, and it wormed it's way into becoming the focal point. I'll paint from this photo again, but use a taller board, and see if I can't get the effect I had wanted, of a white "outline" along the horse's profile. So yes, "Soul" is a little cliche in that it is a painting of a horse's eye, but I do like the piece - it has great planes of color. "Mama's Boy" is a photo th