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NEW PAINTING Transformation

  Transformation, 18"x24" original painting, acrylic on panel, sold (thank you so much to my returning collector!).   Please reach out  with any questions. This one in particular has special meaning to me, being completed on winter solstice. She’s about breaking cycles, starting anew, beginning to heal. As the days lengthen (in the northern hemisphere at least), may we allow light to creep in and illuminate those places that need growth and change. I suppose you could also say that she sets up intentions for a new year as well. Transformation can be viewed up close and in a room setting right  here .   Don't forget, too, that I offer payment plans on any pieces over $500. You can shop available paintings at the link bearing the same name below. Additionally, there are pieces available from the Fox show I hung in November   here . A 30% non refundable deposit reserves the painting, with the balance plus shipping and handling satisfied within 12 months. You do have to ask,


  Foxscape V, 6"x6" original painting, acrylic on panel,   $200,   plus s&h.  This is one of my favorite of the foxscape paintings - the little fox is caught at the edge of a rainstorm. She is just sitting, waiting for it to pass, holding her head high. She knows that she is the sky, the rest is just weather (one of my fav Pema Chodron quotes).  Please reach out  with any questions.  The end of year is in sight, which means many things to all of us. I no longer see the holidays like I did as a child. That comes with both pros and cons, but they are my own to navigate. My wish for   you   these next 10 days (or however long things stretch out) is the agency to practice self love in whatever form feels authentic. Without guilt too. We have to put our own oxygen masks on first, right? So keep your mask at hand, just in case. Know where the nearest dog is who could use a good belly rub. Have dessert first if that helps. Look at the stars. Think about the many forms and shapes


  Coexist, 36"x48"x1-1/2" original painting, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas (image painted around the sides so no pressing need to frame), $5000, plus s&h. This painting (canvas only) will ship rolled and require restretching at the collector's end, which is easily coordinated with a quality framer.   Please reach out  with any questions. Coexist is my response to the inhumanity that we seem so hell bent inflicting upon each other. I started her within days of the Israeli-Palestinian war, but it would be unfair to say that she also wasn't informed by other world events and political unrest. This painting is dense with texture and infused with prayer. The surface is scarred, as are the fox and rabbit, as are the cultures at war. I hope to have conveyed an acceptance or reconciliation, the hope of a new era, despite decades of ignorance. I realized that my paintings have been prayers for a long time. And when I acknowledged that, I felt a wee bit empowered.


  Orchard, 30" in diameter by approx 1-1/2" deep, acrylic on a handbuilt cradled wood panel ( Bara Woodshaping   makes utterly gorgeous surfaces to paint upon!), image painted around the sides (no need to frame), $2300 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Questions may come   to me .   OMG, Orchard. Inspired by walks last fall past a neighbor's fruit laden tree, I was overwhelmed with a desire to paint more than just the tree itself. I thought about how every fall the tree offered up it's bounty. I thought about the entirety of the seasons providing sunshine and nutrients for the tree to grow and the wildlife that may have napped in her shade. The apples inside the fox seem to spill from a portal rent in the sky and fade like the memory of each season's first bite as they tumble to the edge.  Orchard was part of my recent  Fox exhibition   and is now ready to grace your home. The only drawback is that you may find yourself craving fresh apple pie. She can b


  Remnant IV, 16"x20" original painting, acrylic on panel, $850 plus s&h to the first asking nicely.  Link to purchase is below.   Please reach out   with any questions. So this one had an interesting progression. FIrst she was just the rainbow fox, built up over the course of several weeks from blind memory drawing (no reference photo, no looking at the painting while drawing her). She felt lonely - I thought it had to do with what her eyes were locked on. Then I realized that she needed some drama - value changes - on the bottom half. So I pulled out a drawing with a little chickadee that I particularly loved, and redrew the bird and a few branches while looking at the drawing and not the painting. It was exactly what she needed!! I then added glasses to Fox (because I'm starting to think she might be me and not a separate entity), played with softening some edges, and signed her. Remnant VI can be viewed up close, in a room setting, and even purchased right  here .

NEW PAINTING Metamorphosis

  Metamorphosis, 30x40x1-1/2, acrylic on a cradled wood panel, image painted around the sides (no pressing need to frame), $4200 plus s&h to   t he first asking nicely . Questions may come to me.   This painting is all about change - embracing evolution and shifts, personal growth, societal change, aging - whatever "change" means to you. There is a belly filled with sunrise, a pathway leading into a lush forest, angel wings made up of sky, the ginko tree (did you know this species is over 200 billion years old?!), butterflies (of course!) and the cunning of the fox to guide you. She was part of my recent  Fox exhibition   and came home to me, along with her sister paintings, yesterday. She's ready to grace your home with possibility and light. Metamorphosis can be viewed up close, in a room setting, and even purchased right  here .   I do offer payment plans. A 30% non refundable deposit reserves the painting, with the balance plus shipping and handling satisfied with


  CoExist, 36"x48" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with the image painted around the sides (so no need to frame). CoExist is one of 7 large paintings anchoring my solo show Fox. And you can attend the virtual opening to see her and the other pieces, hear a little about my journey with Fox, and ask questions about the work.   The opening will happen via zoom at 7pm eastern, Thursday, December 14th. Your link to join is   here . The artwork can also be purchased at that time through   my website . Prices start at $200. There will be an album devoted to the Fox show listed under "Paintings" in the navigation bar of my website. Inside this album will be the option to scroll through the entirety of the work, zoom in to the surface (it's pretty yummy!), and see the pieces installed in a room. It's the next best thing to sitting with me in the studio, talking about it. Which you will get to do. I've prepped a slideshow and am really looking forth to sharing t


  Remnant II (Fox), 16x20, $850 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Questions may come to me.   There's been lots of drawing happening in the studio. Particularly memory drawing, much of it blind (meaning I do not have a reference at hand). Some of the drawings feel like they need color and swooshy paint, and those ones get invited to the easel for a bit more attention. I'm calling them Remnants. With this Remnant series I draw with my eyes closed, both hands on the surface of the painting and feel my way into Fox. Then I lay out earthy colors and fill her with wisps of landscape. This one is sky and sand and wind-wizened trees. The paint application is lush, the color nuanced. She will be glorious in your home or office space. Remnant II can be viewed up close, in a room setting, and even purchased right  here.  She will bring a calm, joyous energy to your space. I am happy to offer payment plans, simply ask. A 30% non refundable deposit reserves the painting, with the


  My newest art journaling lesson is a drawing based one, which should come as no surprise given my current obsession with it. In this session I share how to take a full color image - whether it be your own artwork or a photograph - and convert it into a 2 value design which you can then easily draw (err, trace). I even provide copies of the full color image (my painting Snowshoe , which happens to also be available for purchase) and my modified value scale for you to work from (and there are complete instructions on taking one of your own photos/artworks and doing the same with it). You know art journaling requires zero prior art experience, right? just clarifying in case you forgot. And if that isn't enough, I then walk you through how to take that drawing and add symmetry or mirrored sections to it. creating something entirely new. Yup, entirely new. This lesson does not require any special materials - the image shown was created with a singular colored pencil, some glue, and d