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"Season to Taste," from the "Tags, Toys & Treasures" series. 8" square, still life painting depicting a vintage KenL Ration doggie shaped salt shaker with a milkbone. Inquiries to . (And, yes, I have the companion KenL Ration black kitty, too. We'll see what I can come up with for her painting!) Today's painting is a little bit slap-happy, I'll admit. It could have something to do with the tiny little bouquet of crocus on my desk, fresh from the backyard. It could have something to do with the ridiculously fluorescent pink pig faced tennis ball that Finn's been dropping at the base of my easel all morning. It could be that I FINALLY got the paypal buttons to work on my website (HOORAY!!). It could be the freedom of working real big again, as I've started work on my latest larger-than-life stretched canvas, simply titled "Red Dog." Or it could be my new kicks - nothing like a great new pair of
I am now taking orders for giclees on two of my most popular paintings. "Day One," original painting now in a private collection. Giclees, image sized at approximately 8" x 10" with a generous white margin, $50 plus $15 s&h. $10 from the sale of each "Day One" giclee will be donated in the purchasers' name to Paws With a Cause. Inquiries to . "Recommended Reading," original painting available for purchase. Giclees, image sized at approximately 11" x 14" with a generous white margin, $50 plus $15 s&h. Inquiries to . I am thrilled to share that my painting "Wanna go for a walk?", received an honoable mention at the Orion Art Center's All Media Show. If you recall, I mentioned last week that I was excited to see how well my new still life paintings fared in this exhibition. I had animated conversations with many at the opening, each of us sharing memo
"Turtle's Butterfly," from the "Tags, Toys & Treasures" series, 6" x 8", acrylic painting depicting catnip stuffed at toy, $149 to the first buyer. Inquiries to . While doing a little spring cleaning, I found one of Turtledove's favorite toys. This one was full of catnip, and the wings had a crackly cellophane inside them. Turtle loved toys, she would carry them around in her mouth all over the house. She spent hours dropping them through the railing, then fiercly racing after them as they bounced down the stairs. She also was a master at hiding them, because we still are finding her treasures tucked in unsuspecting places. Thanks, as always, for looking and sharing. See you tomorrow!Kim Kimberly Kelly Santini distinctive pet portraits & 4-legged paintings come. sit. stay. enjoy the art. Founding member of the Canine Art Guild http://www.canin

Sweet Somethings

I was chatting with a friend earlier today, trying to rationalize how I might pass these pieces off as dog-a-day paintings. She set me straight quickly - "They're a chocolate break!" CLOCKWISE, FROM UPPER LEFT: All from the "Tags, Toys & Treasures" series. "Lindt Carrots I," 4" x 5", still life depicting Lindt chocolate carrots, acrylic on canvasboard. "Cadbury Egg I," 4" x 6", still life depicting Cadbury chocolate creme egg, acrylic on canvasboard, $124, SOLD . "Tootsie Roll I," 4" x 8", still life depicting Tootsie Roll, acrylic on canvasboard. Each piece available to the first buyer. Inquiries to . I raided my kids' Easter baskets today. Honestly, I was initially looking for a handful of Rolos, but then I actually started "seeing" what was there, and I began choosing items based on their colors and shapes. I didn't eat all of these - just on
"Rhodesian Gaze (Ridgeback Study)," 6" x 8", dog painting in acrylic on board, $199 to the first buyer. Inquiries may come to . This piece is almost like an abstract painting, being focused so tightly on the planes of the face. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very statuesque in that their skin lies relatively close to the skull, which is something I had to continually remind myself as I became engrossed in the markings. I used my brushwork not to mirror the markings, but to follow the bone structure. It is especially effective when the paint layers are wet, and can be smooshed (for lack of a more technical term) into each other. And I indulged myself with color on this one. Close inspection will reveal pretty much every imaginable color in here somewhere - daubs and layered hash marks abound. On another note, I shipped my paintings off this morning for the Grand National Rodeo Celebration of Western Art Show & Sale (say that 5 times rea
"Great Pyrenees (Ollie)," 8" x 10", commissioned dog portrait , acrylic on canvasboard, private collection (THANK YOU!). Proceeds from the sale of Ollie's painting will be donated to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. These dogs are gentle giants, and Ollie fits that to a T. His beginnings were dark, chained in a stall in a barn full of over 200 feral cats. Ollie's first owner used the cats as target practice, and didn't treat the dog much better. Deprived of food and water, it was questionable if Ollie would survive after the humane society brought him to safety. A Great Pyrenees rescue stepped in, and the rest is a Hollywood ending. Ollie is now in a forever home where he is loved to pieces, and the ever caring (and tolerant) nanny to two 2-legged siblings. Thanks, as always, for looking at my paintings. And for sharing these stories with your friends and family. I'll be back tomorrow with another face, Kim Kimberly Kelly Santini http://www.tu
"At Attention (Yorkshire Terrier)," 8" x 16", yorkie dog portrait , acrylic on canvasboard. Inquiries to . I am very happy with the brushwork in this painting. There is lots of "wet-on-wet" happening. For those of you who aren't painters, that means that the surface was worked when the paint was wet enough to drag around into other wet areas. It looks easy, but let me tell you, I painted and repainted this one at least 5 times. If I had the colors right, my drawing was wrong. If the drawing was correct, my colors were off. But it was worth the perseverance. The painting is a well balanced piece that illustrates the energy of this breed, and also challenged my materials (because acrylic paints dry quickly, working successfully wet-on-wet is tough). I would have absolutely no problem keeping this one for myself! I wish everyone a very wonderful weekend. See you next week! Kim Kimberly Kelly Santini http://www.
"Billie," and "Olive," both commissioned yorkshire terrier dog portraits , both 6" square, private collection (THANK YOU!). In addition to stretching and priming a huge canvas (can you say larger than life mastiff?!!), I painted three pieces today - Billie and Olivia, and then another generic yorkie painting that I'll share tomorrow (it still needs some tweaking). Their little terrier faces were just perfect for this, the first day of spring. Bright, eager, laughing, full of color. Not that it's really like that outside. But I can pretend, right? The weatherman is predicting snow tomorrow, which really puts the kabosh on Sunday's egg hunt. How much fun is it looking for eggs in the snow?! Unless I went out there tonite and hid them all before the snow came..... All the grownups could gather around the windows with a glass of wine, while the kids romped around in their boots and snowpants looking for eggs buried in the drifts. I can see Finnigan gett
From upper left, clockwise: "Maia," 6" square; "Lucy," 8" square; "Halo," 4" x 8"; "Little Lucy," 5" x 7". All commissioned dog portraits , private collection (THANK YOU!). These three little charmers are each rescues from puppy mills. Three different operations shut down at different times. Maia, only 3 years old at the time, had already produced 2 litters, and was horribly traumatized. Halo was suffering from untreated injuries to her eyes and knees, confined to a crate and living in her own filth. Lucy had a deformed heart, and wasn't supposed to live past 9 months (she's now over 2 years). All three of them have grown into the sweet companions they were meant to be, due entirely to my clients' dedication, care, and attention. Testament to what a loving home can do. Thanks, as always, for looking. And for sharing these paintings with your friends and family. I'll be back tomorrow with more - Kim Ki
"Green Glass Bunny," from the "Tags, Toys & Treasures" series, 8" square, still life painting of a glass rabbit, $199 to the first buyer. Inquiries to . I'm waiting to hear back from a client about her portraits, but meanwhile my eyes fell on this little guy, who was tucked into a small pot of irish moss here in the studio. He asked to be painted, and I was happy to oblige. This is a little (vaseline?) glass paperweight that I purchased several years ago because it reminded me of my Aunt June, who collects paperweights. Her home is sparkles with prisms and shafts of reflected light and color - visits were always full of sheer eye candy. I liked how the studio lights converged on this bunny and threw shadows of differing color in all directions. He was wonderfully fun to paint. And he'll brighten a spot in someone's home, I am certain. I promise to share the other portraits - dog ones! - when I hear back from my cl
"Hippity Hop," 4" x 5", wind-up plastic frog, in acrylic on canvasboard, $114 to the first buyer. Inquiries may come to . I was in a toy store with my kids this past weekend, and while they agonized over how best to spend their allowances, I unearthed several wonderful little pieces for my paintings. This little frog was just one - more painted treasures to come down the road. Enjoy him! Kim Kimberly Kelly Santini distinctive pet portraits & 4-legged paintings come. sit. stay. enjoy the art. Founding member of the Canine Art Guild the gateway to canine art on the web
ARTISTS NOTE: Giclees are available of this painting. Inquiries may come to . "Recommended Reading," from the "Tags, Toys & Treasures" series, 16" x 20", still life painting of vintage children's books and a mohair stuffed terrier, acrylic on board, original work $840. Limited edition of 25 giclees available, image size approximately 11" x 14", archival inks on beautiful artists' paper with white margin, $60 each. Inquiries on the original and reproductions may always come to . That is my copy of "The Stray," a book who's drawings I meticulously copied as a teen. I was mesmerized by Jamie Wyeth's use of line. I wish I could say that "The Pokey Little Puppy" was originally mine, too, but alas, it is a copy that I picked up at our library's used book store. I did spend many an hour hidden in my closet, reading "The Pokey Little Puppy&q
FROM TOP: "Spaniel Study," 4" x 5", King Charles Cavalier Spaniel dog portrait , $114, SOLD . "Sheepdog Top-Knot," 4" square, sheepdog pet portrait , $99, SOLD . "Wrinkles," 4" x 6", mastiff dog portrait . Inquiries may always come to . Today's paintings are another benefit for Animal Friends of the Valley Shelter in Lake Elsinore, California. Last week I shared their plight - their kennel building, a temporary home to 39 dogs and cats, burned to the ground, taking with it the lives of those little ones awaiting adoption. The shelter has about150 animals remaining in their care, and is in need of assistance as they work towards rebuilding and continuing their efforts for the homeless animals in their area. Many dog-a-day readers stepped up last week and contributed on their own - thank you so much for your generousity. The shelter can be reached at 951-674-0618. Individual contributions
FROM TOP: "Beatrix Potter Chocolate Peter Rabbit I," and "Beatrix Potter Chocolate Peter Rabbit II." Both from the "Tags, Toys & Treasures" series, both 4" x 6", still life paintings depicting acrylic chocolate rabbits wrapped in foil. Inquiries may always come to . I can picture these paintings in a nursery or playroom. They would make a wonderful shower gift, too. (hmm, I've got a shower coming up myself....... ) They would work, really, inside any room that has a comfortable and casual feel to it. They would most definately bring a smile to any corner or nook in your home. And because these pieces are so small, they will slide into ready made frames (remove the glass first), making them even more affordable to display! The best part of all? I've figured out how to expense my chocolate habit!! ....hee hee.... Paypal payments by Sunday qualify for Monday shipment, which means your purchase
FROM TOP: "Deeno", 5" x 7", mixed breed commissioned dog portrait , acrylic on canvasboard. "Mandy", 6" x 8", mixed breed commissioned dog portrait , acrylic on canvasboard. Both paintings will be headed to their new home along with yesterday's "Buddies." Thank you so much to my client for commissioning paintings of her four dogs, both past and present. REJOICE! There was sunshine and blue skies in Michigan today. My crocus are poking through and the snow is succombing to hints of green!! Yes, the yard is mostly a giant mud pie, but I think our thaw has begun. Or rather, I dare to think it has begun. I don't want to curse ourselves and wake up to another blanket of the white stuff! In celebration, I'll set up a spring time animal-based still life as soon as I finish Recommended Reading. I've posted two dogs today (and may follow up with a couple Tags, Toys & Treasures pieces later tonight) so that I may work uninter
"Buddies (Pippen & Sheba)," 8" x 16", mixed breed dog portraits, acrylic on canvasboard. Since I am waiting to hear back from my client, if you are interested in purchasing "Buddies," please drop me a line at . Today's painting is less about facial expression and a particular likeness, yet it remains very much a portrait of the dogs' relationship. I was drawn to a series of photos of the two playing together in the snow. After much apparant leaping about, they rested side by side, at the end of their tie out, looking longingly at the expanse of untouched snow outside their reach. I first painted the snow in glazes of lavendar and blue, then laid the dogs down while the backdrop was still very wet. This allowed me to scoop up some of the background color, which remains in the highlights of their fur. The final layers of paint went down more thickly - there's an interesting texture carried on the surface of thi
FROM TOP: "Winter Sunlight #1," 6" x 8", black cat portrait in acrylic on canvasboard, $199. SOLD . "Winter Sunlight #2," 5" x 7", black cat portrait in acrylic on canvasboard, collection of the artist. Inquiries to . These are a couple of studies I've been making of Miah while I think through the composition of a larger than life piece. It's been serendipitous, painting her this time around, because it very well may be the last time I get to work from life. And I want to do at least one more large scale portrait of her before she leaves me. Nearing 19, Miah is far from the little sprite who used to ride on my shoulders. Deaf, toothless, with persistant drool and sneezes, Miah's daily adventures involve migration from the heat duct to a patch of sunlight a few feet away. She still follows her nighttime routine of moving from my oldest son's pillow to mine, trots over when she sees someone beckonin
"Three Bones (from the Tags, Toys & Treasures series)," 6" x 6", still life painting depicting three Milkbone dog biscuits, exquistely framed in a custom carved and gilt molding. Inquiries to . I painted this piece last week as part of the Canine Art Guild's Yip! Yip" Hooray Birthday pARTy. Now a "pARTy" is when a group of artists are challenged to create art in a particular thread within a particular time frame. In this case, the theme was celebrating the CAGs birthday (3 people years, 25 in dog years). Participating artists have the entire month of March to complete their art and share it with the group. (For those of you who do not know about the Canine Art Guild, keep reading: The CAG is an incredible group of canine artists hailing from all over the world. We have banded together to share our resources and combine efforts as we work to increase the visibility and perception of dog-inspired artwork. You can
ARTISTS NOTE: Giclees are available of this painting. Inquiries to "Day One," 11" x 14", Paws With a Cause golden retriever mother and pup portrait, acrylic on canvasboard, painting in process but available for purchase, $399. $80 from the sale of this painting will be donated to Paws With a Cause in the buyer's name. Inquiries to . SOLD. Today I am guilty of being terribly overambitious. Who can blame me, though, when handed the reference photo that inspired this painting? This is Hula and her litter of one, Peyton, on their first day, napping in a little shaft of sunlight. And the pose demanded a larger painting. To date I hadn't completed an 11" x 14" as a dog a day piece. Then add in the two dog factor. Also, the reference photo was black and white. That meant I was flying by the seat of my pants when trying to visualize the nuances of wispy feathering, brand new fur, and a soft
"Pearl," 5" x 7", yellow lab service dog puppy portrait. SOLD. Pearl was well through Paws training, and on her way towards being a hearing dog, but her allergies precluded that. She now lives with her foster family, works as a therapy dog, and spreads joy wherever she goes. 20% of the sale of Pearl's painting will support Paws With a Cause ( ). Yesterday's painting of Luna is available for purchase (my client has requested a smaller version to better match the other dog-a-day pieces already on her wall). Luna's painting is 8" x 10", and priced at $249, with $48 of that purchase price going to Paws With a Cause in the buyer's name. You may view Luna's painting on the Painting a Dog a Day blog ( ) under March 5th 2008. Inquiries can always come to . I also have fielded two inquiries/votes for giclees of Luna's painting. If I get 5
"Luna," 8" x 10", black lab service dog puppy portrait. Like the remainder of the paintings from this week, the proceeds from Luna's painting will be donated to Paws With a Cause ( ). Inquiries to . Luna went off to school, but things didn't work out. She's returned to her foster puppy family, where they are further assessing her skill set and capabilities. Then Luna will be set up with specific training to allow her to accomplish that. In the past, PAWS puppies who cannot live their lives as full-time service dogs have enjoyed a diverse range of jobs: acting as a demo dog for school-visits and other demonstrations, filling in as a "loaner" in instances where the primary service dog has become ill or is unable to work, even completing intensive task specific training such as search and rescue. I have no doubt that Luna's future will be bright - you can see it burning in he
"Demi," 6" x 8", chocolate lab PAWS service dog portrait, $199 to the first buyer. Inquiries to . "Larkin," 4" x 6", black lab PAWS service dog portrait. Inquiries to . I cannot imagine nurturing and loving a puppy for a full year, only to have to give him/her back. But that's what these foster families do. And they cannot wait to do it again, either. Overwhelmingly these individuals/families (even teens - Demi was raised by a teenager!) find comfort in knowing that "their dog" will make a significant difference in someone's life. They say their tearful goodbyes, and begin to look forward, toward the next one and another opportunity. Meanwhile, the foster parents are updated on the progress "their dog" makes in training, and often form friendships with the person who eventually receives "their dog" as a service dog. It's a gift that
Welcome to March's Animal Welfare Week! Every month I dedicate the first full week to profiling dogs in need. Periodically I partner with Paws With a Cause and share their stories of triumph. This week I'll be painting service dogs from Paws With a Cause, with a special focus on the individual relationships between the dogs and families who work in tangent. It is well choreographed, so many lives changed for the better on every front. PAWS dogs are bred by PAWS staff, using animals they know to be free of health issues (such as hip dysplasia, behavioural or temperment concerns, etc). Puppies are raised by foster parents, who socialize the dogs and begin basic obedience training. After a year, the youngsters are then turned into headquarters where they begin their lessons at "school." Ultimately each dog completes their own training regimin and is carefully matched to an individual based on the dogs' skills and the individuals' needs. This entire effort is a hu