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Mini Watercolor Paintings

The first of my mini vacation watercolors, this is "Penn State Tree #1," watercolor and metallic inks on a circular piece of watercolor paper, roughly 6" in diameter, $50 (includes s&h inside the US). How is it possible that my last newsletter was June 11th? I'll tell you how - the past few weeks have been spent scrambling with numerous deadlines, commitments, and prepping for a vacation and The Princess's dance nationals. We have been on the road for 6 days now and it's been quite the adventure so far! We toured Penn State's campus, spent time with family, visited Chincoteague and Assatuague Islands, and spent a day at the beach. Along the way, I'm painting small watercolors of our adventures, each of which will be   available for purchase through my Facebook page , starting at $45. This is the only newsletter I plan to send for the next week, so please, if you are interested in grabbing one of these little gems, make a point of   check