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October Artist Q&A Day

Continuing in the tradition established by Karin Jurick , one of my favorite daily painters and the one I first saw executing this idea, we'll have an Artist Q&A day tomorrow, Friday the 29th of October (we do this each month, on the last Friday). For those of you new to this idea - an Artist Q&A Day is a day designated to answer all your questions. Art and studio related questions can be posted via comments right here. I'll work my way through them during the course of the day, doing my best to answer everything to the best of my abilities. I will only respond to questions posted as comments to this particular post on my blog - this will allow for the community of readers to share in the conversation and eliminate any repetition. Because my blog is moderated (darn those spammers!), your comments will not show up immediately, but if you choose to subscribe to the comments feed, you will be notified when there is activity. I don't know if I need to define an end time

A Natural Blonde

"A Natural Blonde," 8" square, commissioned mixed breed (terrier of some sort I'm guessing) dog portrait, done in Golden Open Acrylics on Ampersand Gessobord, private collection. And if you recognize this cutie, please don't breathe a word of it. She's a Christmas gift, supposedly a surprise Christmas gift. I've been promised that the recipient doesn't know about this newsletter/blog - and they don't necessarily need to until after the holidays! I had a cancellation this morning, opening up two portrait spots prior to the holidays. If you would like them, please let me know ! Meanwhile, my show at the Orion Township Public Library comes down at the end of the month. If you haven't gotten over to see the art, by all means high tail it over there!! Quickly!! Thanks for looking at, and sharing, my artwork with your friends and family - Kim DON'T FORGET: Artist Q&A Day Tomorrow!! Ask any arts related

The Third Book

I've been busy working on my new book. The working title is "Come Sit Stay, Good Dog.... Art," which was my slogan when the Painting a Dog a Day's first began. Did you purchase or commission a painting in 2009? If so, chances are your Dog a Day painting will be included in "Come Sit Stay." This book is designed to be the follow up to "That's 14 in Dog Years" and "The First Year," as "Come Sit Stay" represents the third year of Painting a Dog a Day. The hardest part of putting these books together (other than catching all my typos!!) is keeping the page count reasonable. My goal is approximately 120 pages. If there are many more, the cost goes up dramatically. However, it is nearly impossible for me to choose which paintings to include and weigh them against an appropriate quantity of text. And I do hear you - some would prefer that I just reproduce the artwork, but there's another faction that would argue the essay p

Sam and Bella

"Sam and Bella," 11" x 14", commissioned double Maltese portrait done in Golden Open Acrylics on a 2" cradeled Ampersand Gessobord (see below), private collection (THANK YOU!). Inquiries may always come to me. I love working on these cradeled panels - I carry the painting around the sides, and there is absolutely no need to frame the piece. Let me know if you are interested in having your portrait done like this - it makes for a gorgeous presentation! This painting has been "in the works" for a few weeks now - there's no way I could have pulled off something this size and complexity in one day! Thanks for looking at, and sharing, my artwork with your friends and family - Kim PSST - I'm still accepting holiday commissions. Email me to get on my calendar! Artist Q&A Day This Friday On Friday, October 29th I'll open up the Painting a Dog a Day blog and take all your arts related questions. There wi

Belly Up

"Belly Up," 6" square, commissioned cat portrait done in Golden Open Acrylics on Ampersand Gessobord, headed to her new home shortly. Inquiries may always come to me. The story behind this painting is a wonderful one. Cherie was in a life altering car accident, one that will involve months of healing. Her best friend (my client) thought the process would be a little more pleasant if Cherie could spend some time with her kitty Milla. But pets are not allowed in the hospital or the convalescent/therapy center. Hence this painting, which will bring a small piece of Milla into places previously inaccessible. I'm hoping "Belly Up" makes a positive difference in what will be a long recovery. If you would like to cheer Cherie onwards, please drop me an email and I'll share an address to send cards and notes. Thanks for looking at, and sharing, my artwork with your friends and family - Kim PSST - I'm still accepting h

Three Wide

"Three Wide," 8" x 16", the newest Thoroughbred racehorse painting from the "Saratoga Series," done in Golden Open Acrylics on panel, $649 to the first one saying "pretty please." Inquiries may always come to me. This painting is nearly finished, after today's approximately 8 hours of alla prima (meaning wet paint into wet paint) work. There's nothing like a looming deadline to get my butt away from the computer and in front of the easel. There's a deadline of tomorrow to submit a painting with the theme of "History" for publication consideration. I've known about said deadline for a year. But inspiration grows strongest in the final hours...... Not sure why I chose as complex a design as this to complete in one day (anyone else voting for insanity?).... Regardless, I thoroughly got into it - and stuck to it, despite a good 3 hours of being mired deep in "The Uglies." ("The Uglies" is the develop


"Brutus," 8" square, commissioned Boxer portrait, done in Golden Open Acrylics on a canvas panel. If you recognize this guy, please keep quiet - Brutus's portrait will be a Christmas gift from his family. We don't want to ruin the surprise! While I painted Brutus, I had an extra kitten appendage. I kid you not. Mona's gotten rather spoiled, and thinks it is her right to be cradeled in a warm lap or perched on shoulders at her every waking moment. I'm not complaining - I'm all for a demanding muse that will keep me on my toes. And love that she's a lap magnet when I'm on my butt. But I'm so not a fan of the literal clawing up my legs if I don't pick her up immediately. And the batting from said shoulder perch at the paintbrush in my hand - not such a great thing either. Nor the freefall from said shoulder to taboret, resulting in spillage and a flurry of brushes and palette knives. Finnigan just lies under the easel and ignores

The Right Place at the Right Time

"Blinkered," 6" square, from the Saratoga Series, part of the Painting a Dog a Day project, acrylics on panel, available for purchase through Cazenovia College . In 2009 I was fortunate enough to attend the opening week of Saratoga Race Track's season. I was joined by painter Linda Shantz and photographer Juliet Harrison , both skilled and knowledgeable horsewomen. I took full advantage of the opportunity to soak up as much information as possible (even mucking stalls at Linda's farm!). After that trip, I began a series of paintings inspired by Saratoga. At this point I had no clear direction for the works other than to explore the energy and essence of life on the track. I shared the paintings via Painting a Dog a Day and enjoyed them here in the studio. But now, for the first time, selected pieces from this series will be on display for the public. Six paintings will be included in an invitational show of equine artwork at Cazenovia College in upstate New


"De-Lish," 8" x 10", pet portrait of a mixed breed (black lab mix) completed in Golden Open Acrylics on Raymar panel, available for $469. Inquiries regarding "De-Lish" (which might already be sold - I'm awaiting confirmation but will be happy to start a wait list for any interested parties), or questions about how to commission a portrait of your best friend, may always and forever come to me . Please continue reading below for some very exciting news! I'm on cloud nine, and it's not from early ingestion of Halloween candy. Thanks for looking at, and sharing, my artwork with your friends and family - Kim Cazenovia College I received confirmation today that select pieces from my Saratoga Series of paintings (including "The Tote Board" pictured above) will be included in this November's exhibition at Cazenovia College in upstate New York. This is an exhibition that will contain work from a numb

The Creek

"The Creek (Winnie, Joey and Katie)," 5-1/2" x 10", depicting three rescued dogs romping in a shallow creek, completed in Golden Open Acrylics on Raymar panel, available for $399. Inquiries regarding "The Creek" or questions about how to commission a portrait of your best friends pursuing their best past time may come to me . I've painted this threesome before, individually and in another creek-side piece titled "The Stick." These dogs live quite the life, romping and enjoying each other and their family. It's always a pleasure to bring them back to the easel for another visit. I invite you to share photos of your dogs enjoying the great outdoors - who knows? they might just show up in one of these newsletters! can you stand it? Another thought - would you like to order notecards with a particular Dog a Day painting on them? Let me know! 5-1/2 x 8" notecards come in a variety orf finishes, with either with blank interiors or p


"Untitled (Whippets)," 9" x 12", two Whippet dog portraits, completed in Golden Open Acrylics on Ampersand Gessobord, available for $589. Inquiries or questions about how to commission a portrait of your best friend (and their favorite toy) may come to me . Meanwhile, these two need a title - I'm open to suggestions. I was debating "Teamwork" but want something a bit more clever. I've been working on this painting for a couple of days, and I may still make some minor changes. But I'm going to let these two sit here in the studio for a bit first. And then I'll send them off to an exhibition or two this winter (unless they find a home first - either way is fine by me!). When I talk about my process, I always mention that I like to set my references aside and study the painting apart from the photos. I wait for it to tell me what other changes it needs. That's what I'll be doing over the coming weeks. Thanks for looking at, and sh

Puppy Butt (Doxie)

"Puppy Butt (Doxie)," 6" square, Daschund puppy dog portrait, completed in Golden Open Acrylics on Ampersand Gessobord, available for $299. Inquiries or questions about how to commission a portrait of your best friend may come to me . SOLD. It happens to all of artists - some days you just can't slip into your groove. This painting had 3 false starts before I got going with any confidence. Don't know if it was my teeny 1-1/2" reference photo, the constantly ringing phone, or the silly little guy's pose. Regardless it's all behind me. And I'm grateful I was persistent. (Don't you like the darker underpainting showing through - the result of wiping down all the prior paintings!) Thanks for looking at, and sharing, my artwork with your friends and family - Kim SHOP HOMEMADE This year I'm going for an entirely homemade Christmas. For those few gifts that I can't make, I'm hitting Etsy. Etsy is a gr