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"Fjord," 20" x 30" x 1-1/2" gallery wrap canvas. This painting is available to the first asking kindly for $1299 plus s&h. I'll hold onto her through the end of the year, after which she'll be available through   Equis Art Gallery   in Red Hook, New York. Inquiries may come  to me . These new equine pieces are carrying me into uncharted territory, yet I feel as though I'm coming home. Working with one of my favorite things of all times, the form and energy of the horse, has been a balm. The news is getting more disturbing and painful than ever before, and there's no escape. Even here in the studio, where I try to keep things mostly rainbow and glitter, the unsettled ugliness of the world trickles into paintings via my subconscious. Something as basic as two toy horses left on the floor become the impetus for a piece about keeping fear at bay. I don't even have to ask why. I will sign off by wishing all a safe Hallow's


Detail of "Primordial," a 24" x 36" x 1-1/2" gallery wrap canvas. Scroll down for the full image. This painting is available for purchase to the first asking kindly - $1599 plus s&h. Inquiries may come   to me .   This one came from deep inside where my most horrific fears lie. I won't bore you with their details, but I'm certain you can relate, because we all have a similar place inside us filled with hot, black tar. At times I can smell it. I can feel it bubbling at my toes. My breath shortens while my pulse rises. And then I fight to clear my head. I inhale deeply. I close my eyes and think of something comforting. And She came to me, Primordial. Thanks, as always, for supporting my art, Kim


"Dawn," 12" x 24", acrylics on museum quality panel, $599 to the first asking nicely. Inquiries may come to me. SOLD (TY!) I've been reading a lot about the virtue of continuing to paint/create in a world being picked apart at the seams. There is always a need for beauty and discourse, and that becomes even more necessary when we find ourselves at a cross road. So it is with that in mind that I come to stand at my easel every day. What comes off my brushes isn't always pretty, nor is everything I paint meant to be seen. But when it is, and I send my babies, these paintings, into a world that pauses for a moment to take them in, there is a little celebration in my heart. And that party feeds my desire to show up the next day to wring out and move through more ideas. Thanks, as always, for supporting my art, Kim

Something New

In process and currently Untitled, 24" x 36", acrylics gallery wrap canvas. Inquiries may come  to me . So it seems that podcasting has replaced blogging. Technology evolves, and one thing replaces another - it's called progress. We can't fight it. I've been   blogging   since 2007, the majority of that time doing so daily. And yes, my blog traffic has dropped significantly over the years. I chalked it up to social media and youtube being far more exciting. But I continue blogging because I feel it's like a visual diary, and it provides context to my body of work. To me, that's more important than the number of hits my site gets. But I couldn't drop the idea of podcasting. It would be great to have a regular opportunity to connect with followers using a format that was meaningful to them. There's an entire generation I'll never get to interact with if I don't embrace the opportunities progress and change create. So I am compromisi


At top, detail, below, the entire painting. "Stanchion," 24" x 36", acrylics and water media on gallery stretched canvas, $1599 to the first asking nicely. Inquiries may come  to me . This is why I work and study with other artists - cross pollination and fresh takes on old ideas. "Stanchion" would never have happened without   Vianna Szabo's   color instruction,   Stanka Kordic's   introduction to intuitive painting,   Lynn Whipple's   enthusiasm for drippy paint,   Christina Haylett's   fearlessness,   Ardith Goodwin's  constant gentle nudging, and   Fonda Clark Haight's  mixed media processes. These artists do all the hard work defining their own styles and processes, and then are generous enough to share their enthusiasm with other painters. How lucky am I that I can bring them into my studio every single day! Thanks, as always, for supporting my art, Kim


"Bound (Siren #71)," 24" x 30", acrylics on panel, $899 to the first asking nicely. Inquiries may come  to me . It took me a while to figure this girl out. Which happens with many of the sirens. First I thought she was seeking direction, then I saw that she wasn't lost but merely deep in thought. And then I realized she wasn't truly deep in thought, only still. And this was because there were binds holding her down, limiting her mobility. Ties that are unbending, restrictive, anchoring. And yet, despite these (or perhaps in SPITE of them) it remains green and lush around her feet. Such are the stories swimming in my head right now. Thanks, as always, for supporting my art, Kim

Cows Cows and Cows

I've been working on cow paintings this last week. The ones above have just returned from their travels to New York.  Clockwise from left:  Dude, 9x12, $469, Girlie, 10x10, $499, and One+One, 8x8, $399. S&H additional, each painting is an original acrylic on museum quality panel. I will combine shipping on multiple purchases. I accept personal checks, paypal and payment plans. Inquiries may come  to me . There's a couple newer ones on my Facebook page - 16x20 canvases - up for grabs. Alfalfa and Bangs.   Reach out to me   if you are interested in either - they are specially priced at $599 each. Thanks, as always, for supporting my art, Kim   

Change of Seasons

The fall is my favorite time of year. The colors in Michigan are insanely beautiful, and there is the added edge of enjoying time outside before the wintery air moves in. It's like a limited time offer - you have to take advantage of it. So I hope that you are doing the same at your end. This weekend was a roller coaster, just like fall itself. After spending the day in the ER with one of my kids (they are ok - don't worry!!), while following the senate hearing committee news on my phone and closed captioned TV, I came home to quickly change out of my pajama bottoms and clean up before heading to the opening reception for the   Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors   members show. This is a group with over 100 years of history in Detroit, a membership deeply committed to the arts. The show is amazing in it's variety and quality - if you get a chance to visit  The Annex Gallery , it's well worth the trip. I was tickled to learn that   "Farewell,&