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Holiday Cookies

  It's been a busy couple of days here. Between wrapping and delivering the last couple Dog a Day holiday portraits, finishing up my own creations for gift-giving, and readying my family for proper celebrations, this joint has been hopping.   Twas the night before The Night Before, and things are looking good.   Thanks in no small part to a few indulgences like these cookies.   They are a little more laborous than a traditional chocolate chip, but trust me - so worth it.   Wishing you all the best this coming week - no matter how you celebrate the holiday, may it happen with great joy. And a nibble of something chocolate.   Know that as I gather with my own family, I'll be thinking of the Painting a Dog a Day community, and sending out karma and warm wishes to everyone who's played a part the past 6 years. Many stories and muses have come into the studio, and I've loved the time spent with everyone of them.   And I am eager to return to work, meeting new on


  Detail of "It's Snowing!" a multi-media collage built from various patterned paper, paint, and tissue.   Today I am driving kids about (they have a busier social life than me!), doing a bit of computer work (the harddrive filled on one of my computers, so I've been compressing/backing up/juggling data about), and considering some holiday baking (I started last night with a delish apple-cherry brandy laced cobbler!).   Which doesn't leave any daylight hours at the easel, but that's ok - I'm content to come in later tonite and set up shop once things have quieted down.   Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy a snippet from one of several new mixed media experiments. I can't show either of them because they are Christmas gifts, but I think you get a sense of how much fun The Princess and I had with the "paper explosion" that occurred in the studio this past weekend.   Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my liveli


  Liam," 8" x 10", commissioned pet portrait of a mixed breed, done in acrylics on a panel. Liam has the distinct honor of being my final holiday commission, and I will be delivering him later this week.   Liam came into my neighborhood via a rescue group that partners with my local shelter.   The shelter calls upon the group to foster some of their "wards." The adoptable animals spend time in a home environment, so that their caretakers better understand their personalities and needs. This creates a higher adoption success rate, and the animals are spared the stress of living for an untold amount of time in a shelter environment.   So Liam came from the shelter to a rescue group to my neighbor's home to my easel. And it was a perfect match on every front.   In process pics of Liam's portrait are on  the studio facebook page .   Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood, Kim  

Orange Tabby, A Painted Sketch

  "Orange Tabby," a painted sketch done in acrylics on multimedia artboard. This piece will be headed to a new home in several days, one of my final holiday commissions.   I have one more larger portrait to finish (with local delivery, phew!) and a handful of other projects to complete my own handmade Christmas gift giving.   But tonite we're welcoming the start of Christmas Break. It'll be a savory pot roast with all the fixings (My Better Half is a mean cook, too!), a celebratory gin and tonic (I'll have that now, please, bartender!), and some leftover birthday cake. After which we'll take in Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker (courtesy of the Ovation Channel).   Sigh. Life is good. So very good.   Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood, Kim       Helping Paws   The  Canine Art Guild 's annual  Helping Paws Exhibition  is now available for viewing online. Please  stop by  and

Happy Birthday, Princess!!

  11 years ago, My Better Half and I were given the remarkable gift of a daughter.   I am the oldest of five with four younger brothers, and we already had two young boys, now suddenly big brothers. I was totally comfortable with Tonka and Monday Night Football and laughing at body noises.   What on earth was I going to do with a girl?   The Princess brought us up to speed in no time at all. She dances through life with a dazzling smile and an eager song, always ready to help and give of herself.   Happy birthday to the most remarkable young lady I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.   Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood, Kim, aka Mom   PS Lest the boys feel left out, I should give them props, too. Caped Crusader, you keep me young at heart and on my toes and have the power of lighting up the room with your presence. And Man Child, you are an amazing young adult with a fierce loyalty, a steadfast heart

Doodle 12.31

I'm taking  Dawn Devries Sokol 's "Doodle 12/31" journalling class this month. I haven't gotten a whole lot of time invested in my Doodle 12.31 book yet, but I still wanted to share a few spreads.   This time I've altered a Little Golden Book, preparing my backgrounds by covering each page with layers of acrylic paint that obscure the print. The layers of paint are thrown down with abandon, forming random shapes/values that I'll journal overtop during the month. Each page is a combination of materials including paint, markers, collage elements, glitter and various other fun things.         In January, I'm taking a class with Traci Bautista (of "Collage Unleashed"  and the newly published  "Doodles Unleashed"  fame, among other things) and after that, I will study with Carla Sonheim (the miraculously talented and inspiring author of  "Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists" ). These are all on-line classes, and I work on my

Bodie's Bell, A Painted Sketch

      "Bodie's Bell," a commmissioned painted sketch, image approximately 5" x 7" roughly centered on an 11" x 14" piece of multimedia artboard.    Thanks to the help of My Better Half, paintings are getting packaged as soon as they are dry. I couldn't have painted - and shipped - over 40 commissioned portraits since October without the help of him and my entire family.   I owe them a major batch of chocolate chip cookies once this is all completed. Which will happen  after  I sleep. For a couple of days.   There's in-process pics of Bodie on  the studio Facebook page .   Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood, Kim     Tease   There's nothing like a spoilt kitten to ruin a good nap, you know?    Mona waited and waited for Finnigan to wake up and show mild curiousity in her slowly flicking tail.   Then, she let him have it. With all four paws, as she shot out

Emily's Cupcake

      "Emily's Cupcake," a commmissioned still life painting, 8" square, done in acrylics on a panel, already in the hands of one of Santa's Helpers (Thank you, Santa, for enlisting me to as a helper, too, this year!).   I'm probably best known for my animal paintings, but I do love to work with other subjects. When asked if I could paint a cupcake for a special young lady, I replied with a "Could it be Red Velvet?"   "Why, yes, of course it can! That happens to be one of Emily's favorites!"   "Sold!"   (and the best part was that I got to eat my prop after the fact!! oh no - wait - the best part was that I got paid to paint the cupcake, then to eat it!!)   Ask me  about painting vintage toys and sweets.   Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood, Kim   PS  The actual cupcake inspiring this painting hailed from a shower for Baby Seegs, my newest and

Buster, A Painted Sketch

    "Buster," a commmissioned painted sketch, done in acrylics on multimedia artboard, headed to a new home next week. Thanks to my new collector!!   I've got 2 larger portraits on panel and 11 sketches left to complete by next Friday. THEN I can put my feet up for a moment before beginning my own holiday preparations.   Sleep is highly overrated. At least that's what I'm telling myself these days!!   Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood, Kim     The Nutcracker   It's tradition that The Princess and I see The Nutcracker every December. Each year we travel to a different venue to experience their interpretation of the classic ballet.   And this year will be even more memorable - this time around The Princess herself is dancing in a local performance, titled "Not Your Typical Nutcracker." The story will be told through a variety of dance numbers (ballet, jazz, lyrical

Caddie ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini

"Caddie," 10" square, commissioned Westie portrait, done in acrylics on a panel. I am so very grateful for my newest collector and the opportunity to work lifesize! (For those of you who don't know, prior to starting the relatively small daily paintings, I specialized in larger than life pet portraits.) Painting Caddie was a blast - I worked on her over the course of two days. I photographed the progression, which you can see and comment on via  the studio's Facebook page . There's something to be said for working with larger brushes and gestures - it makes for more dancing at the easel, and a lot of smiles along the way. While working, I listened to a fascinating interview with artist Robert Genn , the voice behind the highly popular Twice Weekly Letters and quite a seasoned and generous talent himself. I highly recommend that other artists take the time to listen to his sage advice. He discussed everything from the value of workshops to creating yo

Nina II

        "Nina II,"** 6" square, commissioned Yorkie portrait, done in acrylics on a panel. Thank you very much to Nina's Mom, aka My Newest Collector, for bringing her special little one into the studio.  Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue  will be receiving a donation in Nina's memory from me as well.   Nina crossed the Bridge at the end of this summer after a brave bout with brain cancer, and her family misses her terribly.    I can't help but think of all the families who's hearts are missing someone this holiday season. I'm sending extra love out into the universe, hoping it settles into at least a couple of those households who are needing it.   Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood, Kim   **"Nina I" is literally underneath "Nina II" - I've gotta come clean - there are times I don't get the likeness just right, and need a do-over. This was one


  ABOVE: A previous award winning Painting a Dog a Day original, "Kittyscape," starring the feline studio muse Mona Lisa. This painting is available for $369 -  let me know  if you are interested. BELOW: "Candy Cane," Mona's most recently inspired portrait, is also available for purchase. Inquiries may always come  to me .     We are 18 days from Christmas, and the inquiries continue to pour in. They are literally pouring in. I need me some wellies......   I spent most of today responding to new collectors while finalizing details for the remaining pre-holiday portraits I had already booked.   I am so grateful for your interest in my work - THANK YOU!! I wish I could paint quickly enough to fulfill every single request I get. And please don't judge me for the length of time it takes to respond to your email.   However, my current response to "can you fit my in prior to the holiday" is an negative (and I HATE having to say no!!). I canno