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A Rose Among the Thorns

"A Rose Among the Thorns," 15" x 30" x 1", acrylics on a gallery stretched canvas, $649 to the first asking nicely. Inquiries may come directly   to me . Because no matter how stabby life can get, there will eventually be something insanely beautiful that comes from the tangled mess. Special thanks to Cedar Knoll Farm for sharing their marvelous Dexter as inspiration for this painting.

The Dregs of Summer

"Battlement," Siren #55, 36" x 24" x 1-1/2", acrylics on cradeled panel, $1599 to the first asking nicely. Yes, I can ship worldwide and yes I will set up a payment plan. Inquiries may come   to me . The summer is nearly over here in Michigan - literally and figuratively. This is The Princess' last one before starting college, and we have tried to make the most of it. She has one full week left before returning to the books and the dance studio. I find myself getting teary unexpectedly - there's so much I still need to teach her. I suppose I will never feel as though I've given any of my kids enough. That bittersweetness of this time spent on the cusp of independance (both hers and perhaps mine as the boys are also making rumblings about moving) is trickling into my paintings. I find that recent sirens are introspective, meditative and asking for clarity. They are teaching me how to navigate things. Speaking of learning, I've got my fa

Fall Class Schedule

Hello hello!! Hope you are having a lovely August - I'm settling into the finishing touches on a number of siren paintings and ramping up for a wonderful fall exhibition schedule. Perhaps I will see you at an opening or two. Meanwhile I've just released my class schedule through the end of the year. There's lots of opportunities for you to come create with me in Lake Orion (Michigan) or via an internet connection. Art Journaling continues to meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month. I have two Pet Portrait sessions scheduled - one in   September , another in   October. . Several still life options, including one focused on   whites , another on   value jumps  (painting ribboned gifts), and a third on   color  using donuts as props. And two installments of the Paint Like classes, one with   Modigliani   styled portraits, another with a   Klimpt-ish   composition. Additional information for each class is available via the links above, or you may view   the who