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Drawing and Painting

  Swallowtail (working title), roughly 10"x12", ink and gouache on watercolor paper, from my new series of drawings, pieces which are pulling me into some powerful places. Last fall I had two pivotal experiences. I took a drawing workshop with   Stuart Shils   and I joined a mentoring group led by   Anne Siems . Stuart's teaching (Reframing the Ordinary) ignited a desire to work in black and white. He showed me how to pare down what I see into exciting compositions without the need of color (I know, life changing and so unexpected!) and encouraged risk taking via drawing exercises. Anne's leadership sparked a volley of ideas based on using drawing as a gateway to break open new ideas. I had worked with Anne in the past and knew she would push me into some exciting territory, but I underestimated the exponential power of the group. I imagine our sessions are much like graduate school, with deep conversations about ideas, methods and materials, as we each search for the

The 100 Days Project

  Day 1 of the 2024 100 Day Project. My source drawing on the left and a monotype pulled from it on the right, mixed media on watercolor paper 5"x7".  Not for sale - yet.... stay tuned! The 100 Day Project   is a global challenge to be creative for 100 days straight. It can be anything you desire - write a poem, learn to play or sing a song, try a new recipe, whatever floats your boat. I'm choosing to do more drawings - yes, I have been drawing every day (well, 5-6 days'/week) for the last year plus, so this shouldn't be too far of a stretch. And I won't beat myself up over missing a day or two. It's the idea of committing to a series that I find so appealing. Butterflies have been featured in many of my drawings lately, and I have an idea for a large scale project with multitudes of them. So why not take on this project as a mechanism to get the groundwork done? 100 days of little butterfly drawings. By the time I'm done, it may even be warm enough he

A Homemade Valentine for You

Sal (Salvatore Doggie, one of my studio dogs) wanted me to you remind you how much you are loved. Today and everyday. Always and forever. Hope you are feeling it. And thank you so much for your interest in my artwork, All my best, warmly, Kim  

Speciman I, a new drawing

  Speciman I, 6-1/2"x9", mixed media on Fabriano paper, collection of the artist. please tell me more about Speciman The onset of a new year is when I love to burrow in with books, blankets and new ideas. The fireplace beckons and the dogs circle, waiting to snuggle in alongside. This year there's been lots of great reads (I am really enjoying my new Kindle) and reflecting (I've filled 2 notebooks already!). This always results in a good amount of new ideas bouncing around. And oddly enough, they have to do with ink and paper. My daily drawing habit has hooked me in - drawing as a warm up for the easel leaves me hungry for more. I found myself lingering at the drawing table longer each day. So I decided to indulge my muse and let her play at the drawing table. This is ok - part of the ebb and flow of being creative. It's an important reminder that not everything I make has to be for sale. When I reflect 2023, I spent too much time focused on deadlines and lost tou