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"Butt," from The Saratoga Series, 18" x 24", depicting a field of Thoroughbreds running on the turf, acrylics on museum quality panel, available through  Spa Fine Art . SOLD This is the piece I created in one fell swoop (also called "alla prima") on Saturday at Spa Fine Art in Saratoga, NY. It was a looooong painting session, from 2 until about 10:30pm, interspersed with lots of visiting with friends and fans. Did I also mention we enjoyed cookies and champagne? In process photos  here . Many thanks to Spa for hosting such a wonderful day! Kim

In the Gate

One of my photos from last summer's trip to Saratoga Race Track. I use them to build compositions for new paintings - each year I shoot several thousand frames and create about a dozen new horse racing pieces.     After spending the night with a good friend in the Hudson River area, Sharon and I are en route to 'Toga, ready for even more fun!   Feel free to check into  the studio's Facebook page  for regular updates on our trip.   Thanks for coming along vicariously!

Spa Fine Art

From last summer, yours truly working on a racing scene at  Spa Fine Art  in Saratoga, New York. Photo courtesy of one of my girlfriends - my senile brain cannot recall who shot this, but I'm fairly certain they will let me know!     This Saturday, from 2pm until who knows when, I'll be working on a painting at Spa Fine Art on Broadway in Saratoga. You are invited to stop by and say hello.   I hope to see you there!


"Windswept," 12" square, portrait of the exquisite Gypsy Vanner stallion Natwest, owned by Eric and Mechelle Barton of  LexLin Ranch , inspiration photo used with permission of Mechelle Barton.  This painting is in acrylics on museum quality panel and available for $599. Inquiries may come  to me .      Isn't  this guy  simply incredible? He's breathtakingly beautiful!! And was a joy to have on the easel! Lots of in process photos of his portrait are  here .   I am making final preps for my annual trek to Saratoga Race Track - I leave tomorrow!! If you are interested in following along with my adventure, I'll post regular updates to  the studio Facebook page.   Thanks for your support!

iPhone Cases!!

You can now  order  an iPhone case featuring your favorite dog (or cat, horse, etc). The watermark will not be on the final product.     Over 250 of my paintings are set up for iPhone 4/4S/5 cases.  How clever will you look, having your dogs' portrait ON your phone, and his photos IN your phone?   If you don't see what you want,  shoot me a note , including the painting's title and approximate date painted (there's over 1600 to sift through!), and I'll get it situated for you!!   And thank you VERY much for all the wonderful birthday wishes - I had too many to respond to individually, but each one warmed my heart! You guys are the best!! Fondly, Kim

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

My absolute favorite breakfast - farm fresh basil infused eggs, rosemary hash browns extra crispy, lemon waffles (not pictured, sadly, I hope they won't take it personally) and caramelized bacon - as served up by My Better Half yesterday morning.       I am blessed to have a family that knows how to spoil me.    My Better Half and I don't usually exchange gifts on milestone days - instead, we try to do for each other. On my birthday he let me sleep in guilt free, served up an extraordinary breakfast, had the kids clean house AND do laundry (I'd been slacking on that, so it was no small task), and negotiated a bicker-free zone for one week (I know they say it takes 30 days to establish a new habit, but I'm really pulling for an exception in the next 7!!).   In keeping with the doing for others theme, every year around my birthday, I challenge my collectors and fans to do the same. Help a stranger load groceries into their trunk, leave an extra

Nana Nana Na Na

    "Nana Nana Na Na," (must be read in a sing-song voice for full effect), the latest in The Play Ball Series, 5-1/2" x 14", portrait of two goofballs (a Golden Retriever and Yellow Lab), done in acrylics on museum quality panel, $499 to the first  asking me nicely .   And true to my pledge with the other Play Ball paintings, reproductions will be available for the next week. After next Friday, prints will not be available until the original painting sells. So.....  order prints here !!   Per the norm, in process photos are  on Facebook , including a detail of the dogs' faces. (And for the record, that squiggley white line you may see in the image above is NOT in the painting - it's a photoshop extra from stitching together a hi res scan, then downsizing for the blog!!)   Thank YOU so much for following along with my paintings! Happy weekend!! Kim

Peek & Boo II

    "Peek & Boo II," 12" square, portrait of two paint horses, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, $599 to the first asking me nicely .   I reworked an old painting ( Peek & Boo ) a couple nights ago. I wanted to see how my color knowledge had matured, and took on a piece from two years back.   Partway through the process, my guide lines (a circle sketched in to remind me of the focal point) became an important element in the composition.    Lots of in process photos are  on Facebook .   Thank YOU so much for following along with my paintings! Kim


    "Wheeee (Gideon)," 7" x 13", portrait of a Gypsy Vanner, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, $529 to the first asking me nicely . And lots of in process photos are  on Facebook .   This handsome guy was born at Shasta H Ranch and is currently owned by Courtney Vallery. The inspiration photo for this painting was used with permission from Christine Hadden, owner of Shasta H. Thank you so much, Christine!   And thank YOU for following along with my paintings! Kim


    "Clarisse," 8" x 10", portrait of a Gypsy Vanner mare, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, $469 to the first asking me nicely . And lots of in process photos are  on Facebook .   Gypsy Vanners are one of my favorite subjects to paint. They are mythical, curvey, packed with glorious color, and move with grace and beauty. And they have the kindest eyes.   So when I somehow came across  Ceo Na Terra Gypsys  one late nite on the computer, I was blown away. I started communicating with Shannon, the owner, and she arranged permission for me to paint a number of her horses (remember, you can't just take imagery you find on the internet and repurpose - you have to get permission first!)   I've been in heaven ever since!!   Wait'll you see  what happened next !!   Thanks for following along with my paintings! Kim