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ROY G BIV, More Theresa!!

"ROY G. BIV," from the Theresa's Rainbow series, 32" x 16", depicting a pit bull rescue, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $999. Inquiries to . Yes, Theresa's back again. This is a painting inspired by the 8 smaller 8" pieces I did a few weeks ago. I wanted to be able to exhibit the Theresa's Rainbow Series, but had a challenge. Several of the smaller paintings had sold, which broke up the integrity of the group. I couldn't exhibit the giclee, because most spaces will hang only originals. That left me one other choice. To paint an entirely new compilation, all 8 images together, on one stretched canvas. I've been burning the midnight oil (quite literally) all week long to get it done in time for a show. This time I wasn't worried so much about getting a strict likeness - I concentrated more on edges and the balance of color/shapes/values across the painting's entire surface. This is a piece best viewe
"Pigtails," another yorkie painting to follow up yesterday's, this one complete with leash and little girl, 12" square, acrylic on board, $539. Inquiries to . I just finished the best book, "The Art of Racing the Rain" by Garth Stein. I mention it because the main character, Enzo, is a terribly wise and philosophical dog, one you can't help but connect with. I especially loved the bit where Enzo "blacked out" while dismembering a room full of stuffed animals - and then pointed the blame somewhere else. It also was highly entertaining when he intentionally pooped on his evil in-laws expensive oriental rug (sorry, Mom and Dad - you most certainly are not evil in-laws, nor do I intend to suggest that). If you can pick the book up, I do recommend it, even though it's a bit Hollywoodish at the end, it is a wholly satisfying read. Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing the Dog-a-Day paintings with your frie

Yorkie in the Grass

ARTIST's NOTE 10-1-08: This painting has been framed and exhibited, with great success. The selling price reflects both the custom framing and the piece's history. "Yorkie in the Grass," 12" square, Yorkshire Terrier dog portrait , acrylic on board, $599. Inquiries to . SALE PENDING Today was mostly spent at the computer, finessing a database I built to handle the entries for the Romeo Guild of Art's 48th Annual Thumb Area Artist's Exhibition (at Starkweather Gallery in Romeo, Michigan). Entries will be dropped off Saturday, and I needed to have all my ducks in a row for the weekend's jurying. Knowing I would be desk-bound for the bulk of the day, I asked my 7 year old daughter over Raisin Bran if she would paint today's dog-a-day for me. Initially she was thrilled, but then got distracted doing her own thing, playing with sidewalk chalk, taking Finnigan for a looooong walk, re-packing her back-to-school supplies fo

Double Trouble, Max and Jake, Sheltie Portraits

"Double Trouble (Max and Jake)," 8" x 16", sheltie dog portraits , acrylic on canvasboard. I haven't yet heard from my client, so there is always the possibility that this piece could be available. Inquiries may come to . Max and Jake's family is involved in rescue and fostering, similar to yesterday's story. My client told me that "....once bitten by Sheltie Fever, you only want more!" That's quite a motto! (and one that will make my husband steer clear of shelties - he's constantly paranoid that I'm looking for ways to sneak animals into the fold.) Proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Mention Best Friends at the time that you book your dog-a-day portrait, and 10% of your purchase will be donated to their fund. Inquiries may come to . Thanks, as always, for looking. And for sharing these paintings with your friends and famil
FROM TOP: "Skylar (Powderpuff Crested)," 6" x 8"; "Square Skylar (Powderpuff Crested)," 6" square. Both commissioned dog portraits, acrylic on canvasboard, headed to a private collection (THANK YOU!). The sale of Skylar's portraits will include a donation made to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Inquiries may always come to . Skylar lost his playmate, a borzoi, at a tender age. He was so lonely, that his mother rescued another Powderpuff to keep him company. And then she rescued a Chinese Crested. She is now involved in rescue and foster care, all because of this sweet boy and the other souls that he brought into her home. If you have a special dog who deserves to be profiled in the Painting a Dog a Day project, please send your story and photos to . I am currently schuduling portraits for November 2009. Mention Best Friends Animal Sanctuary ( ) at the time of
Ok, because I went to the Tigers game yesterday with the kids, and then spent today running around like a headless chicken, I thought I would spend this evening with a glass of wine, and post views of my tent at last weekend's Dog Days event. The Lake Orion's Dog Days party happens every August. The village shops hold sidewalk sales the week prior, and it's all capped off with a Saturday of dog-oriented events, including a blessing of the dogs, a dog parade through town, numerous contests (this year Finnigan won Best Singing Dog for his rendition of "Happy Birthday") and a collection of vendor displays around the Orion Art Center, all capped off with the crowning of the 2008 Doggie Mayor. Since the dawn of Lake Orion's Dog Day's, I've donated a portrait to the Doggie Mayor. This year I am thrilled for the opportunity to paint Ruby - stay tuned for her painting, which will surface as a dog-a-day portrait in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I'm off for a

Sydney Loo, pit bull and lab mix

"Sydney Loo," 4" x 8", commissioned pet portrait , mixed breed in acrylic on board, private collection (THANK YOU!!). This portrait deserves to be seen up close. The violets and purples in Sydney's face are loose and yummy and best appreciated in person. I am very happy with the way the brushwork sculpts her form - that's something I've been working on. Thanks, as always, for looking. And for sharing these paintings with your friends and family! See you tomorrow, Kim

Sweet Pea, (Senior) Basset Hound

"Sweet Pea," 8" square, commissioned basset hound dog portrait , acrylic on board, $229. Inquiries to . Don't just you adore the swing to her ear?! If anyone knows of a family who rescues senior dogs and perhaps had a basset many moons ago like this sweet girl, please forward this email to them. I was commissioned to paint Sweet Pea oh-so-many-months-ago, but the email address I have for my client is no longer valid. I'll hold this painting for 2 weeks, and then it goes to the first taker. Do I see any hands?! Which brings up a great point. Since I'm asking those of you who are waiting for a dog-a-day portrait to stand in line for what seems like an eternity and then some, please please please do your best to keep me up to date with your contact information. I would love snail addresses. Otherwise, should your email change, just let me know..... Thanks, as always, for looking. And for sharing these paintings with your friends a
Theresa's Rainbow Series, top row, from left: "Pink, ( SOLD )" "Red ( SOLD )," "Orange," "Yellow;" second row, from left: "Green," "Blue ( SOLD )," Indigo ( SOLD )," and "Violet." Each pit bull portrait is acrylic on board, measures 8" x 8", and is priced individually. Inquiries may come to . Also available, limited edition giclees (only 25 copies each!) in two different sizes. Giclees match the attached image, including all 8 paintings. Small giclee on artist's paper, image size approximately 12" x 6", signed in pencil, $49 plus $15 s&h. Large giclee on artist's paper, image size approximately 24" x 12", signed in pencil, $99 plus $15 s&h. Again, inquiries may come to . Proceeds from the sales of these paintings and giclees are earmarked for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah ( http://www.b

Orange, from Theresa's Rainbow

"Orange (from Theresa's Rainbow series)," 8" square, pit bull portrait in acrylic on board. Inquiries to . Some days you just keep moving forward. This was one of those days. This morning I received a phone call from a dear friend that she had put her wonderful dog to sleep. Dinah and Amos haunted my every step - it hit so close to my heart, having lost Miah just a few short months ago, and knowing that their relationship was so very much like ours. And then another dear friend (I do have too many to count, for which I am ever so grateful) informed me of last minute travel plans, heading cross country to help her ailing father. It seems very shallow or empty to throw a daily painting into the world amongst all this, but move forward we must. While remembering those who made our paths passable, whether they first offered a hand to toddling legs, or simply steadied us with their mere presence in times of need. So, with that I give you an
"Pink (from Theresa's Rainbow)," 8" square, pit bull portrait, in acrylic on canvasboard. Purchase information to follow (see below), but inquiries may come to . SOLD. I've got 8 new Theresa's Rainbow paintings completed, of which the above image is just one. I will share the paintings with you bit by bit, as I work out the logistics of how to best manage the collection. But I can honestly say I don't think I've enjoyed painting a dog this much before. But I also was able to completely immerse myself in Theresa's joy de vivre for days on end, so in the process I learned to love her as though she were my own. Right now I can tell you that there will be 2 limited editions of 25 giclees available, identical in design, differing in size only. The giclee will include 8 square images, "Pink," Red," "Orange," "Yellow," Green," "Blue," "Indigo," and "Violet&qu
"Many Faces," 18" x 22', original acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, collection of the American Kennel Club and design of the 2007 AKC/Eukanaba National Championship Dog Show Poster. A limited number of signed posters remains available through the AKC gift shop ( ) and Margot's Gallery (Oxford, MI, 248-628-5398). Would you like to submit photos of your dog to be included in the Painting a Dog a Day project? Would you like the subsequent painting to be part of a collage, similar to the one that received first place in the 2007 AKC/Eukanaba National Championship Dog Show Poster contest ? I am working on my design for the 2008 poster competition, and need the following breeds: Rottweilers Shetland Sheepdogs Papillons French Bulldogs If you are interested in submitting your dog for considerataion, please send me digital images of photos you have taken (very important point). Photos must be taken in natural light (no flash photography), with the do

The Mornings First Bird (Bart)

"The Mornings First Bird (Bart)," 4" x 6", acrylic painting depiting a vizsla in the field, $139. Inquiries to . I've got a nice little stack of Theresa paintings going on (see July 25th Dog-a-Day posting: ). When they are completed (I'm hoping by the end of this week), I'll post the "Theresa's Rainbow" paintings to the blog. I spent the weekend plein air painting in oils, working on a piece for (Romeo Michigan's) Starkweather Gallery's Moonflowers Exhibition, which opens this Saturday (you can call the gallery for more information - 586-752-5700). And I'm prepping my booth for Lake Orion's Dog Day's event, which is also this Saturday in downtown Lake Orion (for more information, please call 248-693-9742). Once again, I'm donating a portrait for the newly elected Doggy Mayor, and will have my booth set u