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In the interest of catching up........ are some more recent paintings from July and early August 2017 Fireflies 6 , 20" x 30" x 1.5", acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas, packed with texture, luscious drips and transparent layers, including metallic and iridescent paint, $1225 (payment plans available) - inquiries to me!   - thank you SO much!! There's no way to convey the magic and depth of these firefly paintings via the computer screen. Suffice it to say that they are gnome approved, and would make the most fantastic focal point in any room. Fireflies 8 & 9 (mage taken inside with glare.) , each 16" x 20" for a total image size of 20" x 32", acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas with image painted around the sides. Texture, color, and layers of depth create a magical pairing.  $1199 for the pair (payment plans available) - inquiries to me!   - thank you SO much!! Dusk (Fireflies 7)   20&qu

My Apologies!

This summer I have been remiss in updating my blog regularly for a number of reasons - one being that I am in the midst of a painting dervish. I can't clock enough hours at the easel, the ideas are rushing out of me. The other reason for poor blog maintenance is that my viewership is way down, and I find myself questioning whether the day of the blog is past - is everyone now on social media? I hate to let this site go - it's got 10+ years of paintings and musings here - so I will pop in and update it as I can. Meanwhile, if you wish to see current work (I'm about a month behind here), you are always welcome on my studio page over on Facebook - Kimberly Kelly Santini . Meanwhile, here's a few pieces from last month:   Fireflies 1 (SOLD), 2 and 3 (SOLD) , each 6" square, acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas, all sorts of luscious drips and transparent layers - inquiries to me!   - thank you SO much!! Fireflies 4 (top, w

Bumbles and a Ladybug

Bumbles (all 6"x6"x1-1/2") and a Ladybug (4"x4"x1-1/2"), from top going clockwise,   Green Bumble, Blue Bumble, Pink Bumble, Orange Bumble , center   Ladybug . Bonus - all are painted around the sides, so no need to frame. Bumbles are $124 each or 2 for $224, Ladybug is $74. Inquiries to   - thanks so much!!  ALL SOLD - TY so much! I'm figuring out how to expressively paint an object in motion whilst still in motion. Also working on painting from memory (no references but my gray matter).  Memory and movement are two things that continue to crop up when my paintings are discussed, so I thought I would design a little exercise to bring them both into play consciously and simultaneously.