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    "Lucy," 10" square, commissioned portrait of a very personable Boxer, done in Golden Open Acrylics on panel, private collection (many thanks to my returning collector!)   Lucy is full of advice and not afraid to share it. She also thinks she's a lap dog (but YOU try and tell her otherwise) and loves her Daddy more than anything.   This is a Christmas gift, so if you know Lucy, please don't go and spoil anything or I'll get in big trouble.   By the way, Lucy's painting was photographed in process and updated to the studio Facebook page in the  Mobile Uploads folder . Just in case you are interested in seeing all the stages between the underpainting and the finished thing.   Thank you for supporting my artwork and providing my livelihood, Kim Underpaintings   In my studio, underpaintings serve a couple of purposes: They immediately kill any fear of working with a blank surface (yes, I get intimidated by

Mr Percival

ORDER NOTECARDS AND REPRODUCTIONS HERE   "Mr. Percival (You Can Call Him P)," 11" x 14", commissioned portrait of a mixed breed dog, done in Golden Open Acrylics on panel, private collection (warm thanks and an equally warm welcome to my new collector!)   I thoroughly indulged this weekend in food, family and fun. And somehow I even managed to come into the studio yesterday, refreshed and eager to jump into the paint, when I completed P's painting and got a good start on another. (Just don't ask if the tree's up yet, ok?)   In process pics of Percy's portrait can be found on  the studio's Facebook page , inside  the Mobile Uploads folder . Feel free to post comments there if you have any questions of thoughts about my process.   And now I'm headed back to the easel for a bit. Let's see who falls off my brushes next - I've got 11 faces lined up for this week. Yup, you read that right. E. Lev. En.   Because it's that time

Molly and Shadow

FINISHED!!   From left: "Molly" and "Shadow," commissioned dog portraits of two Standard Poodles, each 10" square, done in acrylics on panel (and still on my easel, although drying). Private collection.   In progress photos are on  the studio Facebook page .   I am grateful for the opportunity to add Molly and Shadow to my portfolio - just as I have been with the other 1200+ faces that have been part of the Painting a Dog a Day project and crossed my easel since 2006.   I have the best job ever, and it's all because of you. You share your stories, your encouragement, your companions, the occasional bite of chocolate and much, much more.   Thank you from the depths of my heart, Kim   Let Them Eat Turkey! (or Tofu)   Tomorrow I will not be in the studio - but I will be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with my family.   And I will also be thanking each and every one of you for keeping my dream alive and helping the

Poodles in Process

  Both of the above commissioned portraits are 10" square, and both are currently in residence on my easel.   My goal is to finish them tonite, but we shall see what happens. I also have to make cranberry relish and pineapple upside down cupcakes..... it might be a late nite!!   Meanwhile, I have gotten into the habit of regularly posting updates of paintings in progress on  the studio Facebook page  - usually in the Mobile Uploads folder.   I invite you to take a peek and see if this is something you are interested in following.    Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork, Kim    


  "Jowls," 8" x 10", portrait of a brindled Mastiff, done in Golden acrylics on a panel. This painting can be added to your collection for $469 -  email me  to arrange simple payment and delivery.   I have a full docket of holiday portraits scheduled. I had one cancellation today, and can slip your project in if you  act quickly .   Otherwise it's the highly recommended (and well received) gift certificate - I can print and mail one or we can coordinate the details via email and eliminate the need to ship altogether.   Just  let me know  how I can make your holidays more spectacular. That is my job, after all.   Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork, Kim      

Sweet Tooth ~~ Kimberly Kelly Santini

  Above, I've included just a few of the paintings in my Sweet Tooth Sale.   Last spring I completed a series of paintings specifically for the old-tyme candy counter at a local restaurant. The paintings included a selection of candies and vintage toys, and was very well recieved. Sadly, the restaurant has now closed, and I've brought a stack of artwork back into the studio. I had with three choices - put the pieces in deep storage, find a new venue, or offer them directly for sale via my website.   This time of year, I lean towards the easiest route - saving myself a visit to the storage unit or the time invested in writing any new exhibition proposal, I instead added  a page to my website highlighting these pieces  and am offering them for sale directy to you through the year's end.   Not a single piece is over $100, and I will combine shipping on multiple purchases. These original paintings are perfect for gifting - and self-gifting is totally allowed. I w

Radar, A Painted Sketch

  "Radar," painted sketch and commissioned portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier, done in acrylics on paper. Radar's portrait is headed to his new home next week.   No time to chat today - I'm headed to the library quickly, then over to parent teacher conferences, then running the basketball carpool and finally off to my grownUPs Journalling class this evening.   Hoping YOU get to come home and put your feet up. I'll be thinking of you!   Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork, Kim      

Candy Cane, A Gratitude Painting

  In Process (and nearly finished!!) "Candy Cane," from  The Gratitude Series , 10" square, portrait of the tabby studio muse Mona Lisa, done in acrylics on panel. This painting can be yours for $489 -  email me  to make it happen.   Mona spent most of yesterday lounging on The Man Child's red striped buttondown - I draped it over her fav napping spot and studied the patterns all afternoon. Today I woke up itching to paint it all, only to discover that The Man Child decided to wear said shirt to school. Murphy's Law in effect, people!   I'll get this image loaded onto  FineArtAmerica  for holiday card orders in the next couple days. I'll post an update here and  on the blog  when I have set things up.   If you are interested, Mona Lisa's latest portrait was photographed in process many many times (this one took me an absurd amount of hours!!) - you can see it all on  the studio Facebook page .   I'm always looking for new Gratitude muse


  "Polar," 6" x 8", commissioned portrait of a long haired white shepherd, done in acrylics on panel, headed to a private collection (THANK YOU!).   Polar was adopted from a shelter when he was about 2 years old. He was a scaredy cat, but his new mom took it upon herself to properly socialize and safely expose him to his fears one by one. Even his sister  Zoe  ( yesterday's painting ) worked with him!! (actually, they were good for each other - Polar burned much of her energy off and she showed him the ropes.)   If you are interested, Polar's portrait was photographed as I painted, and he is included on  the studio Facebook page .   Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork, Kim     Bobby pins made from vintage buttons by  KreatedbyKelly   Keeping it Local and Handmade   We can deny it all we want, but the holidays are just around the corner. And with the holidays come many traditions of gift givin


  "Zoe," 8" square, commissioned portrait of a Border Collie, done in acrylics on panel, headed to a private collection (THANK YOU!).   Painting posthumous portraits are simultaneously one of the most painfully difficult and spectacularly rewarding aspects of my job. It makes no sense, I know, but there it is - I guess confronting loss allows the painting process to give the gift of a lifetime's worth of memories.   We started planning Zoe's portrait in August and she suddenly took ill in late September, passing away peacefully and with her family in October. Unbeknownst to me, I chose to paint her on the one month anniversary of her crossing the bridge.   You can laugh all you want, but I think Zoe had a hand in getting herself on my easel today and sending a message of reassurance to her family!   If you are interested, the progression of Zoe's portrait was photographed and is included on  the studio Facebook page .   Thanks, as always, for loo

Duke, A Painted Sketch

  Detail of "Duke," commissioned sketch of a Yorkshire Terrier, image approximately 4" x 5", roughly centered on a 10" x 8" piece of multimedia artboard. Duke is headed to his new home next week (THANK YOU!), but I would be more than happy to create something similar for you. Just  shoot me a line !   Busy days in deed, working on holiday commissions and trying to keep up with stuff like exhibition planning, packing and shipping, writing lesson plans, coordinating marketing and materials, updating websites, finishing off all the Halloween candy and the other sorts of things that happen inside a small business.   I need me a clone or two. Or three, because then I'd be caught up on laundry and have a clean house, too!   Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork, Kim     Handmade Books   I took a book making class last year, and every few months we re-convene and swap out newly handmade creatio

Nova, A Painted Sketch

  Detail of "Nova," commissioned sketch of a black lab, image approximately 7" x 5", roughly centered on a 10" x 8" piece of multimedia artboard. This little guy (well, in reality I suppose he's pretty solid and not so little at all!) is headed to a new home next week.   I also spent some time journalling today, trying out a few new materials and working off inspirations found on pinterest .   So many ideas, so little time!   Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork, Kim    

Believe ~~ by Kimberly Kelly Santini

  As much as I wanted to paint today, I just couldn't get into the groove - my heart was elsewhere. Specifically, with a friend who was undergoing some pretty intense surgery.   The good news is that she came through it all with shining colors, per her standard. Let's just hope that things keep looking up.   Meanwhile this fairy door and magical wishing acorns will materialize in her home before she is released from the hospital. She'll know that The Little Folk are looking out for her.   As are the bigger folk, too.   Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork, Kim      

Big Grin (Jake)

  "Big Grin (Jake)," commissioned pet portrait of a Shih Tzu done in acrylics on an 8" x 10" panel. Jake is a Christmas gift, so if you know him or his family, this is our little secret, ok?   In process pics of Jake are in my Mobile Uploads photo folder on  the studio's facebook page .   Am running back to the easel - I'm a couple paintings behind and need to play catchup. Good thing I love my job!!   I've started a wait list for any holiday commission cancellations - but meanwhile am offering gift certificates for those of you who want something physical to "gift." Email me  if you are interested!   Thanks, as always, for looking at and sharing my artwork, Kim     Mona's Joined the Big Leagues   My painting of studio muse Mona Lisa, "Kittyscape," is a finalist in the  Richeson 75: Animals, Birds and Wildlife exhibition, which opened online yesterday. Mona's in some es