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  Bare Branches, private collection (thank  you so very much).   Inquiries are always welcome .  as the wind howls outside my family is working together in the kitchen  and I am filled with gratitude for this blessing. There has been some quite animated discussion about how long to soak the cookies for the vermouth cake currently getting built. Fresh gingerbread is cooling, the Nutcracker is playing and the dogs are finally settled in around our feets.  After the last couple years, I don't take gathering for granted. And now that my kids are grown and live on their own, it's an even bigger deal to all be here (well, we are missing one, but hopeful she'll be able to make it tomorrow, weather gods permitting). I am aware that my holiday celebration is different than most others. In the best of times this season brings sadness, stressors, unrealistic expectations, grieving, all sorts of difficult things for many of us. I'm carrying space in my heart for those of you who ar


  One of a handful of recycled drawings   currently listed on my website . This one was done on a birthday card envelope and carries hints of my girlfriend's handwriting. With these personal bits of ephemera the work feels more private (at least to me), perhaps because it carries traces of loved ones.  Inquiries are always welcome .  There's a nice selection of drawings I added to my website yesterday.  I am fascinated by how the substrate sort of steers the feel of the work. And how I respond to envelopes/material that has handwriting. Someone else has started the drawing in a way, via the energy of their own script. And while I was thrilled to get some red envelopes in the mail the other day, I am challenged in getting the drawing to pop - nice reminder that red falls at the dark end of the value spectrum, so my drawing/lines need to be at the opposite end. You can   shop available work here . Thanks so much for following along with - and supporting - my art journey, warmly,


  Sylvan, 15"x30"x1", acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with image painted around the sides, private collection (thank you so very much and congratulations to my newest collector). Prints of Sylvan can be ordered  here .   Inquiries are always welcome .  Sylvan, when used as an adjective, means a pastural woodland.  When used as a noun it means a spirit of the woods. Seemed the perfect title for this painting. I thoroughly enjoyed building up the layers of greens on this one. Green used to be my kryptonite. Not so much anymore, although it still can be quite problematic. Thanks so much for following along with - and supporting - my art journey, warmly, Kim


  These drawings, all done on recycled materials, are now available   on my website . All because you asked.  when I began doing daily warmup drawings last month I foolishly thought they were just for me But you set me straight. You said you wanted them. And you said "please?" So, a couple times each week you will find a handful of these listed on my website. I'll try to send a newsletter out as well, but I will be be mindful of how many emails we all get on a daily basis. I don't want to contribute to all the noise. I'll pack sales over the weekend and ship early the following week. I cannot guarantee holiday delivery at this point unless priority/overnight shipping is purchased. I will work with those of you who do wish to have your drawings asap, though. And thank you so much for your interest in my work. I continue to be surprised and motivated by your enthusiasm. Click here to view details of each piece and to purchase the available drawings.   PLEASE NOTE: R


  Poinsettia, 18"x24", acrylic on panel, $1000 plus s&h to the first asking politely. You can make Poinsettia your own   right here .   Inquiries are always welcome .  it took longer to figure out what to paint on this panel, which until this morning was  an unresolved Daydream painting , then it did to actually create her. Once I realized/dared to imagine a pint sized pony and flipped the panel upside down, it became obvious. I could see the pony's head inside the abstractions, just like those old  Hidden Pictures games . And the poinsettia showed up when I placed an orange mark next to her right eye as a place marker - it immediately felt like a fluttering petal. So of course I invited more in. And everything fell into place after that. When I pay attention to the winks and connections that happen as I move through my days, the details line up and the pieces seem to paint themselves. Click here to view/purchase Poinsettia. ALSO, a reward for those of you who have re


  Citrine, 24"x30", acrylic on panel, $1300 plus s&h to the first asking politely. You can make Citrine your own   right here .   Inquiries are always welcome .  Her name was Melissa.     She was the most beautiful friend. She loved her gray ponies. And she loved to photograph them. And she was very generous in sharing those photos with her circle of like minded horse crazy creatives. One day Melissa was diagnosed with cancer and in what felt like a matter of minutes, she was gone. A decade later, every time I see a gray pony I think of her.  Citrine was painted from one of Melissa's references. I think she would approve. Also, citrine (which I held while painting this one) is known for clearing negative energy (muffling my inner critic), providing inspiration (joy!) and healing (I felt like Melissa was sitting here in the studio with me, and that was quite remarkable). Who doesn't want to invite a healthy serving of all of this into their own home? Click here to


  Star, 16"x20", acrylic on panel, $900 plus s&h to the first asking politely. You can make Star your own   right here .   Inquiries are always welcome .  every year I asked Santa for a pony.     I got books, model horses, subscriptions to horse magazines, but never my own horse. It's still not happened (I do realize now that I could make it happen were I willing to give up studio time. Also, sometimes a dream exists in order to help us manifest something else we don't even yet know how to articulate). See that pony who never materialized did contribute to where I am now. Little Kim I drew an entire stable of horses with which she papered her bedroom walls. And I continue to paint horses - each new piece is a sliver of what I imagine owning a real horse would be like. And somehow I've now owned literally hundreds of them. The latest, Star, literally has starlight leaking out of her markings (maybe she's a unicorn in disguise with a horn of light). And all

New Art SOJOURNaling Lesson - Giftwrapped

  here is a new journaling session made just for you It's a busy time of year and we can get so caught up in giving of ourselves and our time that self care falls by the wayside. (And if you don't have this problem, please help me to better deal with it!) I created this journaling session as a way of giving ourselves a meaningful gift. Grab your journal and a few basics and let's get busy giftwrapping something extra special. Thanks so much for following along with - and supporting - my art journey, warmly, Kim


  Anim, 24"x30", acrylic on panel, private collection (thank you!). Prints and other items featuring her likeness can be purchased   here .   Inquiries are always welcome .  can you believe it's December? I sure can't.  Past Decembers were a blur. Back when I did commissioned portraiture (via ), my holiday rush began as early as September 1st with a small pet portrait done daily up until mid December. Some days I would complete 2. By the time I got all the work shipped off, I had two weeks to focus on our own festivities which also included two of our children's birthdays. And I was utterly exhausted. Last year was my first holiday in 20+ where I didn't have any commissioned portraits. While I missed the engagement with collectors and all the sweet little faces on my easel, I absolutely loved being able to whole heartedly focus on celebrating with my family for the entirety of the season. Being able to plan, anticipate and be fully prese