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  "Sky," the newest addition to The Talisman paintings, 24"x36"x1-1/2, acrylic and water solubles on a cradled wood panel. Sky will be available to purchase, along with a handful of sister paintings, at a future date. In the meanwhile, inquiries may always come   to me. Inspired by a backyard encounter with a barred owl (she was so very full of magic and glory), then a dream sequence featuring owls (with speech bubbles) and then the random acquisition of a barred owl feather, this painting was steeped in loveliness from the very beginning. This is how all of my Talisman paintings start out - via multiple nods or winks from the universe that are connected in some way. That wink provides the seedling idea which I take to the easel. Then the piece begins to take on a life of her own based on the marks that show up and other connections that form during the time the work is in process. I have a similar owl piece still in process, this one smaller and more square. That o


  "Exhale," 24"x20", acrylic and water solubles on a flat panel, $849 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. I accept paypal and personal checks - please   reach out directly   with your questions. This piece will forever be known to me as the lion who became a lioness. Or maybe she was a lioness all along, and I was merely confused at the onset. More to ponder as I set off to stretch a new big canvas and think about the paintings Exhale is already inspiring. I also want to mention that next year I will be changing how I offer work for sale. I will be offering small collections, maybe 5-6 related paintings, at the same time (instead of piecemeal, like how I do things now, a habit left over from my daily painting days), and they will be available to purchase directly through my website or via gallery representation. I will continue to share and announce new works as they come off my easel, but for a predictable and fair acquisition experience, I will schedule and a

QUESTION What does a finished painting look like?

  Kimberly Kelly Santini   artist, instructor, daydreamer Did you know that I have an online classroom space? it's a fluid sort of learning experience, based on video shorts and links shared from the heart of my studio, information that follows my own train of thought and progression of work. I talk candidly about my struggles beyond the mere umbrella of how I put paint to canvas. Where my ideas come from, how my style is evolving, what I am reading, who's work is influencing me, my own creative ebbs and flow. I also share how I found my unique voice and style, and provide prompts and guidance to help my students discover theirs. What do those videos look like? Well, they are a bit like   this little one   (featuring the in process painting above), which sums up some of the things I've been thinking about today as I embark upon new works and allow free rein to my ideas. My Studio Visit students ($15/mo) get at least 3 videos like this one monthly, along with weekly accounta




  "Majesty," 50"x50"x1-1/2", acrylic and water solubles on a gallery wrapped canvas, perimeter painted to preclude the need to frame. The unstretched, rolled painting will be shipped in a tube and require restretching upon receipt.This piece is $5499 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. Returning collectors receive 10% off original artwork purchases. I accept paypal, personal checks and payment plans. Inquiries my always come   to me . I started this piece 3 weeks ago, initially thinking that it was going to help me explore religion, a concept I've been working up for about a year now. What I didn't expect was that in the final days of creating this lion, there would be a school shooting in the neighboring community, and the meaning of the entire painting would shift, at least for me. Now, in addition to my initial intentions, I see a sanctity of life and our inter-connectedness and a sort of reverence for simple presence. I'm curious what you a