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Wonderment, detail above, full painting below, 24" x 30", acrylics on panel, $899 plus s&h. Inquiries may come  to me . I spent today thinking about how children experience the world - everything is new, and much of it is magic. This little one showed up, I suppose to remind me to appreciate that. It's funny how my paintings give me a place to work through my deepest hurts as well as kisses to make things better.   Share Tweet Forward

Marjorie S

Marjorie S, 24" x 48" x 1-1/2", acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas, painted around the sides, $1599 plus s&h. Inquiries may come   to me . I can't help but paint what stirs my heart. This past month, my heart has been stabbed. I am so afraid for our children. They have a right to FEEL safe in their classrooms. When a fire alarm went off in The Princess's high school - legitimately - two days after the latest school shooting, the students were terrified. Many opted to not leave their classrooms, fearing ambush. Parents and loved ones were phoned or texted while students comforted each other. Staff spent the remainder of the day listening - there was no further instruction.. No amount of safety drills or training can undo what's been allowed to happen in communities across the country. The answer is far more complex than eliminating automatic weapons or improved mental health care or arming faculty or even locking schools down. I am not offering up any


Carnelian, 24" x 30", acrylics or panel, $899 plus s&h. Inquiries may come   to me . Inspired by a handful of beautiful fossils in my rock collection, Carnelian is a symbol of strength and fortitude. I feel as though I could use an extra dose of that these days. #neverthelessshepersisted

Fossilized, Siren #17

Fossilized (Siren #17)," 24" x 30" x 1-1/2", acrylics on cradeled panel (image painted around sides), $999 plus s&h. Inquiries may come   to me . Somedays the news makes me feel as though humanity has lost every shred of compassion. Yesterday was one of those days. To say that my heart is breaking doesn't even cover the depth of sorrow I feel for our world and, particularly, for our children. Fossilized is my attempt to paint through the senselessness. Because painting is how I cope when the world seems heavy and cruel. Wishing you peace.

Siren #15

Ok, so I THOUGHT she was done, but now that I'm looking at her on screen, I see some things to adjust. Here is "Siren #15," 16" x 20", acrylics on panel, when finished this one will be $679 to the first asking nicely. Inquiries may come   to me . It was a rough day in the studio - started out wonderfully with   Vianna Szabo , who brought warm pastries over. But afterwards I could not find my groove. Ruined one painting completely, pushed another a decent ways towards it's death, and it looked like this fair lady was heading in the same direction. I persisted, got some good marks on this one and things started looking up.  And I thought she was done. But now that I'm looking at her, I'm no longer certain. Good thing tomorrow will be a new day!

Where is Spring?

From the top, "Surprise," 6x6x1-1/2"; Flemish Bun, 8x8x1-1/2"; and "Dotted Bun," 8x8x1-1/2. Each acrylic on a gallery stretched canvas, image painted around the sides so no need to frame. These will sit on their own or can be hung directly on the wall. The chick is $99 and the buns are each $149 to the first asking nicely. Inquiries may come   to me .