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  Sprout, acrylic on cradled wood panel, 36"x24", 1" profile, no need to frame, $2000 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Questions can always come  to me. this painting began in February after a heavy ice storm   and was signed last week, while the earth has been busy coming back to life. Along the way I incorporated elements of the changing season (and moon) in her design. She's a compilation of the shifts that have happened in my little neck of the woods. I am intrigued by this combination, a painting made up of multiple moments in time - you can bet it's been added to my "what if's" for future exploration! Meanwhile, you can  make Sprout your own  or oogle at a larger image of her. Also, if you are so inclined, there will be a new Watching Paint Dry episode tomorrow (May 26th) at noon eastern. I'll be talking about commissioned projects and my stint as the official artist of the 2015 Kentucky Derby. You can tune in via zoom  here . T


  Lisianthus, acrylic on handmade round cradled wood panel (by Bara Woodshaping), 30" in diameter, 1" profile, with cleated hanging system that allows the panel to hang flush against the wall (no need to frame), $2300 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Questions can always come   to me. lisianthus are one of my favorite flowers   there's something extra special about their twisted buds and delicate stems. I feel like they are little  fouette turns . Or maybe little party crackers. What do you think? Combining these florals with the fox was an exercise in self control. I think at one point there must have been 100 blooms in this piece - that was when I realized I needed to dial my enthusiasm down a bit! So instead of the actual flowers, I embraced mark making that felt like the lisianthus, and twisted my brush through marbled puddles of paint. Also, I cannot say enough about this substrate, a gorgeous handmade panel from  Bara Woodshaping  in Oregon. The wooden su

NEW PAINTING Labradorite

  Labradorite, acrylic on panel, 23-1/2" x 23-3/4", $1200 plus s&h to   the first asking nicely . Questions can always come   to me. labradorite is a stone of transformation   and she found me when I needed her. It was the holiday season. I was broken inside for a host of reasons. Grieving innumerable losses and uncertain what my future held. Everyone around me was happy, cheerful, soaking up the seasonal joy wildly on display, which made me feel an even greater level of despair. I was at the mall. I had shopping to do that I had put off for too long. I wandered into the Nieman Marcus outlet, one of my favorite stores for the eye candy factor, and thought perhaps oogling at pretty things might lift my mood a bit before I went deeper into the mall to complete my holiday shopping. And then I saw her. I had never seen anything quite as beautiful as this necklace. A tiny, delicate gold chain looped through a nearly 2" long emerald cut stone with such fire, moving from th


  April, acrylic on panel, 24" x 30", private collection (THANK YOU!!!). Which means prints are available   here . Questions can always come   to me. April showers bring May flowers Who says that Mother Earth looks like us? why can't she be a petal filled pony? There's no art police, so I can make her look however I wish. And guess what? you can do the same with your work, too. Plug your imagination in and have fun! If you missed last week's Watching Paint Dry live Q&A session on color, you can   stream it   from   my YouTube channel. . The next one will be April 26th at noon eastern and I'll talk about working for hire, and specifically being the official artist for the 2015 Kentucky Derby, which was a commissioned project. I'll share access info closer to the date. There's also a new   Art SOJOURNaling lesson   up, also all about Mother Earth. Tis the season to celebrate rebirth. Thanks so much for your interest in my artwork, All my best, warmly


  Enchanted, acrylic on panel, roughly 23" x 24", $1200 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come to me. she is her own star, this one  complete with orbiting moons. There is something magical about ponies. I know I am most likely romanticizing things, having never been owned by one. I am well aware of their reputation of being obstinate, stubborn, downright trouble causing rabble rousers. But they are so darned cute!! SO darned cute. And painted ponies are even cuter. They are so even tempered. They require very little upkeep. No special fencing, no vet bills or feet trimming, no board fees or cute little halters (ok, that might be one of the downsides). They can even live in the house, no cribbing worries and no poop patrol needed. Here is  the link  to view Enchanted larger, peek at her in a room, or to make her yours. Also, tonite at 7pm eastern I'll be hosting another Watching Paint Dry session. This time around I'm going to answer you

NEW PAINTING June 24, 2022 (Rose)

  Rose, acrylic on circular pine, roughly 23" x 23" x 1", $1800 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come   to me. I started this painting on June 24, 2022 after hearing that the United States Supreme Court had overturned Roe v Wade. It was a day of very big feels, no matter which side one was on. I took my emotions to the easel ,as I always do, and started a momma bear soaked in tears. Over the next 9 months I would return to her, adding layers of marks when I felt my own emotional well being slip and slide. On a personal note she's carried me through the marriage of my oldest, our first post pandemic holiday celebration with the entirety of family, children moving out, children returning home, two reunions with my high school BFF and the mass shooting at Michigan State University. On a larger scale, well, the world has been rife with it's own victories and tragedies, too, and art is never made in a vacuum. Something in the air the la