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"Fox Kit," 12" x 12", acrylics on museum quality panel, commission created for an outdoors themed baby nursery. Inquiries may always come  to me . We are on the cusp of not just a New Year, but a New Decade. So all the hope that comes hand in hand with the dawn of January 1st includes an extra heaping of wishes and dreams and intentions for a very broken world. That's a lot of pressure on a fresh new day. I hope that we can live up to the challenge. Have you chosen a course of action yet? (Really, there's no rush, because you can choose a fresh start any day you choose.) This year I am diving into learning - there's so much that I don't know enough about. Beautiful, splendid, magical things just waiting for discovery. I plan to spend my entire year actively learning, each and every day. There will be meditation, music, reflection, gratitude, movement, communication, and, of course, painting. And, hopefully, as my brain expands to hold


"Tasso," 11" x 14", acrylics on museum quality panel, posthumous commissioned portrait of a beloved vizsla and partner in crime. I so delighted in having Tasso on my easel - she was far better behaved here in the studio than she ever was in life - but she did find trouble, true to form, on her way home. Read further to learn how. Questions may always come  to me . Tasso's painting had quite the adventure while traveling to her destination! Headed to Texas, the parcel got hung up in Detroit within the first 24 hours of her journey, where she lingered for 4 days. Or at least, that's what my tracking information said. Fearing the worst, because we all know stories of lost packages around the holidays, I went into my post office and kindly begged for an explanation or assurances of some sort. I didn't expect to learn much at all, but needed to cover all the bases before beginning Plan B, which was a total repaint and overnight shipment for de

The 10 Year Challenge, Painting Style

At left, "Beanie, Garnished," 8" x 10", acrylics on panel, from 2009, private collection. At right, "Blue 2.0," 16" x 20", acrylics on panel, from 2019, my personal collection. Questions may always come  to me . My first day back in the studio has included a lot of computer work and returning of phone calls. And many breaks to sneak into the kitchen for a treat of some sort - I've gotta keep my strength up, right? I hope that each of you are enjoying this season and making good memories with loved ones. There's this new trend on social media, the "10 Year Challenge," where people share a photo of themselves from 10 years ago alongside a recent pic. I thought I would twist this into my own version of the game by placing two paintings side by side (because really, what matters more - what we look like or what we can do with our passions?) The goal of every creative is to get better with each piece. The passing of t

Happy Holidays

I typically don't start my celebrations/preparations until after the last holiday painting is out the door, which happened on Wednesday. Since then, our household has been a hub of life and laughter, more so than usual. Gifts are all in hand (including, thankfully, one commission that got lost in transit, which I was readied to repaint and express shipt!), the house smells of gingerbread, and Elf has been watched. Twice. However you celebrate this sacred, end of year, time, may you do so surrounded by those you love, with the presence of those who have come before deeply rooted in your heart. Thanks, as always, for following along with my artwork journey, Happy holidays! Warmly, Kim

STUDIO NEWS December 2019

This is Izze, and she's now home, forever. It's such an honor when collectors return to ask for one final painting. It's always bittersweet, too, as I know all to well myself the hole they leave in our lives. Studio News, December 2019 Holiday commissions are winding down - Izze, pictured above, was part of the wave of paintings shipped out last week. There will be one final batch heading out in the next day or two, and then I can take a breath. This year I completed 26 pet portraits, 12 of which shipped out after October. Each a delightful addition to my portfolio, bursting with stories and delight the likes of which we all know and write when we welcome a four legged family member. However you celebrate the end of the year, I hope you do so in the warmth of the company of those you love and with a heart filled with memories of those who have traveled through. We are looking forward to having a full house and table. I've included   a fun coloring

NEW STUDIES Bumbles 5 and 6

At left, Bumble 5, at right, Bumble 6. Both are acrylic on panel, measure 6" x 6", and are $99 each. I estimate $15 s&h inside the US. I am happy to combine shipping on these, too. Simply   reach out to me   and we can arrange your purchase. I accept Paypal, venmo, personal checks and payment plans. The last two bumbles went quickly, so I thought I'd try two more after signing a larger commissioned portrait today. It's fun doing these little studies, playing with color and line just for the pure fun of it. A nice contrast to the meticulous attention to detail required for portraiture. I'm entering the homestretch - three more commissions and I can tie that side of my business up for the year. After they are done I will pick up work again on   a larger painting   I'd like to enter in a competition, with a deadline of early January. And get to making gifts for those on my own list! Thanks, as always, for following along with my artwork journe

NEW STUDIES Bumbles 3 and 4

At left, Bumble 3, at right, Bumble 4. Both are acrylic on panel, measure 6" x 6", and are $99 each. I estimate $15 s&h inside the US. I am happy to combine shipping on these, too. Simply   reach out to me   and we can arrange your purchase. I accept Paypal, venmo, personal checks and payment plans. Three gorgeous pet portraits were shipped out today - nothing feels so wonderful as wrapping these sorts of gifts up and sending them on their way. Except hearing back from the recipients about the reveal, maybe. I've got 4 more portraits to complete before I can start on my own list. I'm spending most of my days and a good chunk of my nights at the easel, which is pretty much typical for this time of year. But what is new is that, instead of watching paint dry, I'm working on little studies which will be used as references in the New Year for larger paintings. Bees, like the two above. And butterflies ( here's the last one currently available )