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  Snowdrop, acrylic on 24"x23-1/2" panel, $1200 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come   to me. Last week I was utterly delighted to see snowdrops peeking through in my garden  particularly after another spell of yechy weather - a major ice storm, lots of melt, then over 8" of fresh snow followed by lots more melt. Come March I am so ready for spring. I'm tired of the damp and always being cold. I crave a boost of color, something a bit brighter than the muted tones and high contrast of winter days. But March gives us a peek at warmer weather, then rips it away. She is a relentless tease and a horrible influence on April. So I celebrated the snowdrop. And I might just continue to do more. But wait - is that crocus over there......? (Also, did you know that snowdrops are a symbol of hope? seems fitting to latch onto them, then, for that reason alone.) Here is  the link  to view Snowdrop larger, peek at her in a room, or even purchase. Th

NEW WORKS ON PAPER Limestone and Lapis

  Limestone and Lapis, acrylic and other materials on artists' paper, 18x24 (image is a little smaller to accommodate a white margin around the page), $400 each plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Make both of them yours for $700 (purchase via my website and I'll refund the $100 difference). Questions can always come   to me. my paintings contain layers of marks  There's something about stacking them up, the marks, a little lopsided or haphazardly, so that all sorts of fascinating things happen between them. That's how these pieces were made. Over a period of about 6 months I layered paint and line work, scraped back in to the surface, smudged and smeared things together. I also leaned in to one of my new favorite mark making processes - something I call primal scribbling. And yup, it's just as it sounds! You grip your tool with a ferocity and scribble scribble scribble, madly, and hope that the paper doesn't tear. Here is  the link  to view these two la


  Vigil, acrylic on flat panel, 24x24, $1200 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come   to me. we have officially entered spring and winter's rest is over. Or nearly - there is a crispness to the air that doesn't quite sing "spring" yet, but bulbs are popping and things are greening up here in Michigan. Vigil speaks to this pause between the breaths of Winter and Spring, promise and hope to come while rooted in a dark, cold night. Vigil could be yours. Here is  the link  to view her larger, peek at her in a room, or purchase. And for those interested,   here is a link   to today's Watching Paint Dry session where I walk you through my painting process. The next Watching Paint Dry will fall on April 5th at 7pm. Thanks so much for your interest in my artwork, All my best, warmly, Kim


  Waxing, acrylic on flat panel, 24x24, $1200 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come   to me. Equal parts fox medicine and lunar magic   this painting is a quiet reminder of one's inner strength. Speaking of lunar magic, it's the first new moon of the astrological year tonight, which is the perfect time to set intentions. Take some time to think about where you are heading and whisper this to the moon before tucking in this evening. Perhaps your intentions include acquiring meaningful original art?! Here is  the link  to view Waxing larger, peek at her in a room, or purchase. If you are looking for something with a different sort of spirit animal magic, check out the  options on my website , sized 8x8 and larger with prices starting at $300. Also, a head's up that tomorrow I'm hosting another Watching Paint Dry episode. These are 30 minute live q&a sessions held via zoom, open to the general public. This time I'll walk participants


  Equinox, 18"x24", acrylic on flat panel, $1000 plus s&h. Link to purchase is below. A couple years back I had this seemingly brilliant idea of painting a transparent rabbit growing from a tree canopy. When I get these ideas, I can't actually see them in my head. It's my habit to just dive in painting, trusting that during the process the details will coalesce.  So while working on this tree canopy rabbit I arrived at an mid point that I found oddly beautiful but very much unresolved. I had no idea where she was going, but I was fascinated. I could have stopped there and regrouped, but I didn't. Instead I opted to push forward with the tree concept. And I wrecked the painting. To this day I have regretted that. Earlier this week I decided to consciously recreate that middle and fascinating point of the ruined painting. And this time the resolution (NOT the tree canopy!) was so simple to see! The concept fit nearly perfectly into the Rococo sky format painting


  Family II, paper roughly 36"x48", mixed media (paint and charcoal), $800 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . This piece will ship rolled and need to be set behind glass to ensure longevity. I do have a scroll type hanging system for  temporarily use which can be included with the piece at no extra cost. Questions can always come   to me. taking a family portrait can be tricky....   You know, getting everyone to look at the camera and smile simultaneously. No stealth pinches right before the shutter clicks. No bunny ears or duck lips or awkward expressions. No silent but deadly farts (I'm having flashbacks to a particularly hilarious portrait session with my four brothers).  I enjoyed imagining the dialogue between these foxes. Their body language evolved and shifted as their storyline grew over the course of the year that this one was in process. I enjoyed it so much that I stretched another large piece of paper and set myself up for a repeat performance. Here i


  Fortitude, acrylic on 24" cradled round panel, 1" profile, image painted around the sides (so no need to frame), $1800 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come   to me. Life has been pretty challenging lately.  I know I'm not alone. War, earthquakes, political unrest, human rights inequalities, persecutions, mass shootings, terrifying severe weather - and that's just part of it, right? there is also the day to day stuff, the family things, job/household responsibilities, staying healthy, tending to our own emotional balance. Like I said, it's grueling. I've had some very lucid dreams lately. And a recurring character threaded through them. A fiery black horse. So I invited her to the easel. I expected to get her blocked in (what I call the first pass on a painting) and begin to decipher her message over a period of time. But Fortitude was having none of that quiet, slow entry sort of thing. She was all in. She was on a mission to


  Teton, 24"x30", acrylic on a flat panel with a 1", $1300 plus s&h   to the first asking nicely . Questions can always come   to me. Teton the painting shares her name with the second tallest mountain in the United States.   And what I didn't know until today is that the Teton range is made up of some of the oldest rock inside the US -  2.7 billion years old. An appropriate synchronicity for a mother bear painting, as mothers have been around (in varying forms) for a pretty significant amount of time too. Some days I feel about 2.7 billion years old myself. Here is a direct link to view a larger version of  Teton , and perhaps even purchase her. You can then go mountain climbing from the comfort of your favorite chair. Thanks so much for your interest in my artwork, All my best, warmly, Kim