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Hybrid Blooms, Phase 1

I took an online class on painting boldly and wildly in February, using florals as my subject matter. It kinda rocked my world. Some of my classwork is here,  class information from the uber talented Lynn Whipple is here . Prior to this, if you had told me I would EVER enjoy painting florals, I would have laughed in your face. And if a similar conversation did play out between us, I apologize.  I am loving painting flowers, cannot stop as a matter of fact, and am offering the first from my new series called "Hybrid Blooms." In these paintings you will find all sorts of blooms, realistic and fantastical, along with some unexpected guests. I imagine these paintings inside playrooms, nurseries, offices, and any space populated by a sense of humor. Let me know if you are interested in any of them, or if you would like to see a certain combination. Thanks for following along with my artwork, Kim  

Always a Painter

From 1988 (yes, I know I am dating myself), a slab built bisque fired pot with slip decoration, completed during my undergraduate studies at Michigan State University. At the time I made this, I was seeking my voice. Little did I know that I was always a painter - now it seems so incredibly obvious! I approached everything, even photography, this way. Trying to capture a trace of the object upon the surface of whatever I was working with. Building a dimensional space inside the confines of mark making. At the time I created this pot (which, unfortunately, exploded during the bisque firing and never received a final glaze - you can see my feeble attempts at gluing it back together on the bottom edge), I knew I saw and experienced things differently that others, but didn't fully understand what that meant. Today I had the distinct privilege of returning to my alma mater and telling the BFA and MFA candidates as much. I did a number of studio visits and

Easter Brunch

"Easter Brunch," 9" x 12", acrylics and mixed media (pencil, charcoal, pastels) on museum quality panel, depicting a lop eared bunny and a tasty assortment of blooms, $549 (with complimentary s&h inside the US) to the first asking nicely . Easter Brunch is an older painting I freshened up with florals. The online class I'm taking is still ongoing, and I'm learning so much about layering marks and staying loose - I love learning and playing with my tools! Thanks for following along with my artwork, Kim  


"Daisy," 10" x 16", acrylics on masonite with white charcoal details, depicting a tuxedo kitten peeking from behind an arrangement of daisies, $579 (with complimentary s&h inside the US) to the first asking nicely . I've pulled a number of paintings from my archives, and am dressing them up with florals. Daisy used to be Mum's Kitten , and I absolutely LOVE the depth and added interest the piece now has. Take a peek at the detail below - the painterly quality of the surface is mouthwatering. At least to me! Thanks for following along with my artwork, Kim  

Domino and Roses

"Domino and Roses," 7-1/2" x 12", acrylics on museum quality panel, depicting a tender little b&w kitten perched among an arrangement of roses, $449 (with complimentary s&h inside the US) to the first asking nicely . I worked on my daughter's portrait today, starting to paint in the florals that will make up her crown (who am I fooling, it's a petal filled brain explosion). And then I pulled out this old painting , drawing roses in overtop. The drawing begged for paint and some more adjustments. And now, what was old, is new again. And would make a gorgeous Mother's Day gift for that kitty loving Mom. (I loved him before, but I love him even more after this upgrade!) Thanks for following along with my artwork, Kim  

Two Generations

Both very much in process, above an untitled (and larger than life) portrait of The Princess, 36" x 48" (gallery stretched canvas), and below, a life sized self portrait, 18" x 24" (panel). Multi media paintings, my own personal collection. While cleaning out the fish bowl yesterday, I realized that it would make a great vase (started one of those too, with goldfish in the bowl and swimming amongst the roses!), and then began thinking of other non-traditional containers for flowers. That was when my head exploded, which I tried to paint. And I was up most of the night working on it. Then I made Anna my next victim. I have mostly thought of painting florals the last couple weeks. I cannot turn my brain off - it is constantly going, even when I'm not at my easel. I'm really going to have to reel things in soon and paint a couple of dogs!! Meanwhile, the pieces are piling up from the online class I'm taking - I need a bigg

Rosie's Posey

I'm taking a little break between commissions today, and thought I would try to combine my recent flower studies with a dog portrait. There's so much potential with this process! I have all sorts of ideas as to how I want to take the flowers/loose and bold painting approach and integrate it into my own style. The above piece is 12" x 16", acrylics with pastel accents on a museum quality panel. It can be yours for $399 - there's only one original, and the first one asking nicely gets it! Email me . Thanks for following along with my artwork, Kim  

Nita's Bliss

It's magical, isn't it? Like the first snow every year. "Nita's Bliss," 18" x 24" on a cradeled panel, done in acrylics on an ampersand gessoboard, heading to her new home next week. A detail of this painting is below - it's luscious in every possible way. You may order reproductions of Nita's Bliss here:   Please let me know if you would like something similar starring your own dog. Thanks for following along with my artwork, Kim  

Untitled, in process

Currently untitled, this in process piece features Nita, one of my favorite muses. It's a commissioned portrait of her playing in the snow, one of her favorite pasttimes (as you well know from this painting Snow Much Fun ). This piece is 18" x 24" on a cradeled panel and already has a home (thank you very much!). Please let me know if you would like something similar starring your own dog. I'm taking an online flower painting class, and the techniques we are using, with lots of drips and dribbles and direct blending, are absolutely perfect for the underpainting of Nita's newest portrait. The approach gives a lovely otherworldly glow and there's some fabulous texture here that will be beautiful when sanded down a little. I love my job, getting to create this sort of thing for my family of collectors! Thanks for following along with my artwork, Kim

Learning by Doing

Pictured above are a few of the paintings I've completed as coursework this week in Lynn Whipple 's Big Bold Blooms Wild Painting  online workshop. For reference, the larger piece on the ground is 24" x 30". I'm working big, and bold, and a little wild! I learn so much when I take classes from other artists. Besides the obvious content, I get to see how others' teach and how they structure their lessons. And then I get to continue to learn by practicing the lessons on my own, inserting my own ideas and agenda, and determining which processes are keepers. I really need to reel myself in, though, this time around. I am so inspired by Lynn and the exercises (working with neutrals and layered drawings), my brain is going on fast forward, piecing together all sort of possibilities. I couldn't even sleep last night (yes, I know I am OCD). In between all of the above, I did some complete some serious work on a commission. But I also need to