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Peace and Comfort

Peace and Comfort.  24" x 30", acrylics on panel, $899 plus s&h. Inquiries may come to  me . Our world needs buckets more of peace and comfort. Although baby horses are wonderful too.

She carries me from the darkest places

She carries me from the darkest places.  12" x 24", acrylics on museum quality panel, $849 plus s&h. Inquiries may come to  me . Who's always got your back?

The Spirit Within

The Spirit Within. 16" x 20" x 1/2", acrylics on gallery wrap canvas (painted around the sides, so no need to frame). Inquiries may come to me. I have been trying to get this sort of surface for YEARS now, and I've finally figured it out!! At one point today I got so frustrated that I walked away, only to return after mowing the lawn to find my desired effect had occurred - it just took some time to set itself up. The acrylic paint appears to be melted wax, marble.moves like watercolor, and scumbles like oil. Some of these effects occur simultaneously. I wish you could see it in person!

Prince Leopold

Prince Leopold.  12" x 12" x 1/2", acrylics on canvas, $309. Inquiries may come to  me . In between waiting for layers to dry on a 24" x 36" panel, I continued with my Frog Princes paintings. Warm thanks to  Team Husar Photography  for this leopard frog reference.

The Real Deal

The Real Deal.  12" x 12" x 1/2", acrylics on canvas, $309. Inquiries may come to  me . I'm running out of references - time to go play in the garden and see if Grandpa Toad wants to do a photo shoot! And there was that little tree frog hanging out around the fountain the other day too.......

Prince Pessimism

Prince Pessimist.  12" x 12" x 1/2", acrylics on canvas, $450. Inquiries may come to  me . I'm loving all the little warts, and having a perfect excuse to sprinkle in lots of color.....

The Freckled Prince

The Freckled Prince.  12" x 12" x 1/2", acrylics on canvas, $309. Inquiries may come to  me . SOLD (thank you!) I may have to make a series out of this. There's some crazy wonderful frogs/toads out there, all begging to be painted......

Waiting for a Kiss

Waiting for a Kiss.  12" x 12" x 1/2", acrylics on canvas, $309. Inquiries may come to  me . Aren't fairy tales the best? They were one of my favorite things to read as a child - I loved comparing similar tales from differing cultures. I've had The Frog Prince in my head for over a week now. Finally able to get around to painting him. And I just might do it again.......

His Royal Highness and The Crown Prince

The male oriole is rumored to have a penchant for dressup.   Diptych (two panels specifically painted to hang together), His Royal Highness on the left and The Crown Prince on the right. Each painting is 9" x 12" x 1/2", acrylics on canvas, $289 separately or $499 for both. Inquiries may come to  me . Back in the studio, I'm thinking about that space between actual experience and dreams, where bits of reality stick to ethereal possibilities.  It's a fascinating place, that juncture between imagination and true events. Anything is possible, like royalty among the Orioles. I mean, it makes total sense for every species to have it's own royal family.

Unicorns are highly skilled at camoflauging themselves. That's why you have to search very hard to find them.

36" x 48", acrylics on panel, featuring a unicorn hidden inside a rose bush. Don't despair if you can see her right away - just breathe slowly and look closely. This piece is $3599. Inquiries may come  to me . Please and thank you. I usually buy my flowers from the week-old bucket. But not today. This painting was totally worth splurging on the most insanely gorgeous blush roses. Added bonus - they will last a bit longer than I am accustomed to.