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"Catharsis (Siren #67)," 24" x 30", acrylics on panel, $899. Payment plans/check/paypal accepted. Inquiries may come   to me . This weekend My Better Half built me an easel wall in the home studio, which was no small task. That wall had been lined with bookcases which he cut down to hip height and reconfigured for painting and brush storage underneath. This means I can now paint BIG on this wall, while also working small to medium sized pieces on my floor easel - I am so happy about the expansion of my home work space! This weekend it also became obvious that I need to purge far more than I originally thought. So older inventory, miscellaneous books, some decorative items, and a few of my toy props have been set aside for a quick sale   here . You can purchase via commenting on the item you wish, and yes I will combine shipping, provided it is not detrimental to the welfare of your purchase. I will ship items the end of next week and into early October in

Studio News

It's been a lovely year in the studio - yes, it's been a year already!! Over 65 sirens came to life in this magical space. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to create and push a LOT of paint! Starting in October, my building will be under construction, getting partitioned into smaller spaces. This will result in additional rental units, but none that will serve my painting process more than my home studio. So over the next few weeks I'll be settling back into my original space, nestled comfortably between the kitchen and family room, with an actual Harry Potter-ish cupboard under the stairs. And thanks to a wise friend, I'm reminding myself that while this space was pretty darned wonderful, I am the one who brings the magic. And that will come to wherever I find myself working. If you have a painting you can't get out of your mind, this next week would be idea timing to ask. I have a fair percentage of my inventory - well over 100 pieces - stor

Flash Sale!!

Four of the 22 paintings currently marked down for a quick sale. Did some deep cleaning at the studio, which means there's a flash sale going on over on   my FB page . Nearly 2 dozen paintings are up for grabs at ridiculous prices - these are mostly pieces that graced my booth back when I did art fairs/events. A few of them are from the first couple years of Painting a Dog a Day! Take a peek , purchase via commenting on the image you want. Splurge on something fun for yourself! Thanks as always for supporting my art!