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    "Tiny Anne II," 6" x 6", portrait of an old Raggedy Anne doll, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, not for sale.    There is the popular belief that we artists just sit back and the paintings just paint themselves, and I want to assure you that this isn't further from the truth!   Artists work hard, honing how they see the world, practicing with their tools, and throwing out a LOT of art in the process. You don't see it because you aren't in the studio with us, but trust me, it happens. And even when I'm not in the studio, I'm painting in my head. Always mixing colors and rearranging form.   Ok, but I digress - back to Anne.   I repainted her (and cursed profoundly while doing so) probably 6 times yesterday. I knew that my issue was separating color from value, and because my doll was mostly flat, I needed to be paying extra attention to the values NOT the colors. And I also had to be studying color

This and That

    ABOVE: Detail of "Helper," 30" x 13", portrait of a Golden Retriever, done in acrylics on 1/2" birch hardwood, $899. I made revisions to this guy, including adding more drips and slimming his body down - lots of pics are  on FB , including Helper Finnigan and Helper daVinci -  email me for purchase details .    I realized AFTER THE FACT, that my easel settled into a deeper angle yesterday when I was working on the heavier birch panel. Which means I should have been paying attention to the distortion that happens when something is not perpendicular to the picture plane/my eyes. Poor Helper was all foreshortened, but I fixed him this morning. He's happier now. So am I.   I also got final approval on Mya and Ally's portraits, both pictured below. I can't wait to deliver these two!!     Enjoy your evening, Kim


    "Helper," 30" x 13", portrait of a Golden Retriever, done in acrylics on 1/2" birch hardwood, $899. I see some drawing corrections and a couple other tweaks to this one before I'm 110% happy with it. But he still needs a home for when I'm finished -  email me for purchase details .    This is quite the diversion, painting directly on wood, but it's something I've been thinking about doing for a long time. I still have some kinks to work out - like being patient enough to sand the clear gesso down prior to painting - but I'll get there.   I'm very fond of the combination of wood grain and painterly brushwork. And the  depth inside the snowy ground  is wonderful fun to lose oneself in.   Loads of in process pics on  Facebook .   Now who wants to add Helper to their collection?   I'm off to fire up the grill!! Thanks so much, Kim  

June Desktop Calendar

  Wow! It's June, which means school's out (or nearly so), and is a ready excuse for daily popsicles and brightly colored toes in flip-flops. Enjoy it!!   To implement this month's desktop calendar, simply download the file  directly from my website . I've set up a couple different ways to do this, either via the photo album or a direct link.   I am by no means an expert on the variety of operating systems, so I highly recommend that if you don't know how to change your desktop wallpaper, don't email me for advice. Instead consult your computer's help files - they will be more concise, more knowledgeable and more responsive than I could ever hope to be.    I've sized this to fit a standard screen height of 768 - I realize there are lots of variables that could impact how the file displays on your screen. Let me know if, once you get the file installed, there are display quality issues (keep in mind, too, that options such as

The Girls, In Process

    IN PROCESS, "The Girls," at left is Mya and Ally is on the right, both 8" x 10", portraits of mixed breed young ladies (ladylike behavior is totally optional for Mya), done in acrylics on museum quality panel, private collection (THANK YOU!!).   In process pics, lots of them, are  on Facebook . I hope to finish both these paintings tonite, so don't forget to check back in to see their cute little faces!!   Years ago when a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, our community took a collective deep breath and rallied with a fundraising event. I donated a gift certificate to the cause - which was won by her daughter! These paintings of her grand-dogs are the delightful result.   I'm happy to report she is healthy and loving life, two years post surgery and treatment.   Shall we go into the weekend with that visual? Let's all take a collective, victorious breath on her behalf, and for everyone else staring this be

Taking Flight

    "Taking Flight," 8" x 10", portrait of a tri-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, $469.  Email me for purchase details .   Remember " Pile ," the painting I was commissioned to do that was then donated to a Cavalier King Charles fundraiser? (It raised them a very nice chunk of change, by the way!) Well, my client sent me many wonderful inspiration photos and I'm slowly working through my favorites. This breed is truly a joy to paint.   In process pics of this guy are  on Facebook .   And after starting this one, I realized he looks a lot like another piece  I did nearly 5 years ago to this date starring my friend  Dee Dee Murray 's dog Hallie. How weird is that?   (As an aside,  Hallie is now an artist in her own right )   Enjoy your evening, Kim  


    "Grace," 5" x 7", commissioned portrait of a yellow lab, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, private collection (THANK YOU!).   I tell my students all the time to listen to the painting. Today I had to do just that - Grace really wanted to be front and center, and the portrait ended up being cropped far more tightly than I had planned. I could have fought it, but I decided instead to see where it took me and what I learned along the way.   I love the intimacy of this piece, though. It is perfectly sized for such a snug composition, and Grace looks completely at home.   Enjoy your evening, Kim         Don't forget that through 9pm EST tomorrow evening "Snaps I" and "Snaps II," both original paintings, are being  Facebook auctioned .  The rules are  over here on my Facebook page .   Thanks so much for bidding!!

Snaps I and Snaps II, An Online Auction

    "Snaps I" and "Snaps II," each 5" x 5", depicting a small stack of Alpha Snaps dog treats, done in acrylics on museum quality panel, for sale  via Facebook auction .    All the rules are spelled out clearly  on my Facebook page  - and just FYI, bids are only accepted via Facebook comments. I regret that it's not possible for me to manage bids via email and FB both.   Also, for the record, daVinci (the kitten) likes dog treats more than Finnigan (the dog). I had to shoo Vinnie off my little stacks of cookies multiple times while I was painting.   Thanks so much for following along with my artwork! Kim  


    "Emma," 5" x 7", commissioned portrait of the cutest terrier ever, acrylics on museum quality panel, private collection (THANK YOU!!!).   I can absolutely paint your dog (or cat or horse or bunny or guinea pig) - inquiries may come  to me !   Commissioned portraits start at $209, and are one of the best ways ever to commemorate your relationship with a beloved pet. Gift certificates available, too, so that the recipient can be involved in the process of choosing reference materials and building the composition.   (Ahem, Father's Day is coming up, hint hint)   Thanks so much for following along with my artwork! Kim   PS  Those of you who have painted with me in the past - do you see how Emma is "White-ish"? there isn't a speck of pure white pigment on her - everything is relative!!

Parson, A Painted Sketch

    "Parson," painted sketch roughly 5" x 8" centered on a 9" x 12" paper, posthumous commissioned portrait of a most gentlemanly Golden Retriever, done in acrylics, private collection (THANK YOU!).   How better to sum up the week than with this face? eh?   Unless you want to see a new doll painting...... I'm starting another ArtPrize piece this afternoon, and will  post images of her throughout the day.   Enjoy your weekend - hope it's not haunted by wicked dolls and things that go bump in the night - Kim


    "Precocious," 9" x 12", portrait of a stinking cute German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, acrylics on museum quality panel, available to the first asking nicely for $549.   Ask nicely by  emailing me !   In process pics are  here .   And if this little guy doesn't find a home soon, I'll send him off to a local exhibition. Because while I love shipping and sharing my art around the country, I also think it's important to support art groups close to my own stomping grounds.   And now I'm off to teach tonite's grownUPs Journaling class, where will will be using lyrics as a starting point to create collages. $20 says I come home with glue in my hair.   Thanks so much for following along with my artwork! Kim


  "Beamer," 6" x 6", commissioned portrait of a ridiculously cute mixed breed stinker, acrylics on museum quality panel, private collection (THANK YOU!!).   Want a pet portrait of your own? What are you waiting for?  email me !   In process pics of Beamer's portrait are on  the studio Facebook page  - and thanks to my new iPhone, I can create separate photo albums for the paintings, making it easier for you (moving forward) to locate the in process pics of a specific piece!! Yeah for iPhones!!   Thanks so much for following along with my artwork! Kim   Last Chance to Order!!     This poster was created specifically to benefit the dancers at  Broadway Dance Studio  (where The Princess studies), and it features a beautiful full color reproduction of my painting " Dress Rehearsal ." Proceeds from poster sales are earmarked for the team's trip to a Nationals Convent


  "Steffi," 5" x 7", commissioned portrait of a much loved and dearly missed Westie, acrylics on museum quality panel, private collection (THANK YOU!!). Inquiries may always come   to me .     Who would have thought the ratty doll I picked up at a flea market would elicit such great conversation?!   Does art HAVE to be comfortable or easy to look at?   Why are dolls creepy for so many and yet for others the keystone to a sentimental memory?   How does scale impact our comfort zone with respect to certain objects?   And most importantly, is she an evil talisman or just a sweet little thing?   Please chime in!   And she needs a title, too. I'm drawing a complete and total blank. She must be sucking my brains out in my sleep......   Thanks so much for following along with my artwork! Kim   This poster was created specifically to benefit the dancers at  B

ArtPrize 2013

  Painting in process in my studio, complete with still life setup of vintage Playmate doll, acrylics on cradeled panel, 16" square. Inquiries may come  to me  (including special requests to paint your treasured childhood toy).     Last year my good friend  Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson  and I participated in  ArtPrize , what I think is the largest art festival in the world. It's an annual event, happening in Grand Rapids, Michigan, about 2 hours west of my home. As I recall, 2012 involved over 1700 works of art displayed throughout the Grand Rapids area. It's a big deal.   It was great fun preparing my ArtPrize paintings last year - I put a call out for  muses  in April 2012 and painted right up until days before  the installation .   Our work was very well received, we enjoyed our time in Grand Rapids and couldn't wait to began planning for this year.    Elizabeth's way ahead of me -  her 2013 piece , an astounding mural depictin

Keelie, A Painted Sketch

  Keelie, commissioned portrait of a Sheltie, done in acrylics on paper, image roughly 5" x 5" centered on a 9" x 12" paper. Private collection (THANK YOU!)     Below you can see Keelie and her brother Keenan, the Shelti duo captured in paint.   Thanks so much for following along with my artwork! Kim  

Keenan, A Painted Sketch

  Keenan, commissioned portrait of a Sheltie, done in acrylics on paper, image roughly 5" x 5" centered on a 9" x 12" paper. Private collection (THANK YOU!)     Keenan is one half of a pair of shelties I sketched today - his older sister Keelie will be shared with you tomorrow.   Thanks so much for following along with my artwork! Kim

Ursula, A Painted Sketch

  Ursula, commissioned portrait of an Australian Shepherd, done in acrylisc on paper, image roughly 4" x 5" centered on a 9" x 12" paper. Private collection (THANK YOU!)     I planned on working on sketches all day, but got sidetracked by following an idea into my own sketchbook. Like Alice, I fell down the rabbit hole for a little.   It was a marvelous adventure!   Oh, and thanks, too, for helping me title  yesterday's painting ! "Curtain Call" it is!!   Now I'm off to a Lacrosse game - let's hope The Caped Crusader brings home a win for his Dad's birthday!   Thanks so much for supporting my artwork! Kim

Curtain Call

Curtain Call, 12" x 1", portrait of a pair of kitties, done in acrylics on a museum quality panel. Warm, warm thanks to Dog a Day fan EW for her laughable series of photos that inspired this painting. $599 to the first  asking nicely . NOTE: Thanks to all who submitted title suggestions for this painting! I think you done good!! Wow, but did I have a blast reading all your title suggestions for  yesterday's painting !! Between FB comments and direct emails, I had well over 200 entries! It was tough picking a winner - congratulations go to Laura Williams for her suggestion "Fiddlesticks." So let's do this again, shall we?  suggestions for today's painting can come to Facebook . If the volume is at all like yesterday's, I can't possibly respond to them all, but know that I'm reading them with a smile on my face and a box of Girl Scout cookies at hand.  And while you are there, you can see the  in-process pics