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January Desktop Calendar

  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   To implement this month's desktop calendar, simply download the file  directly from my website . I've set up a couple different ways to do this, either via the photo album or a direct link.   I am by no means an expert on the variety of operating systems, so I highly recommend that if you don't know how to change your desktop wallpaper, don't email me for advice. Instead consult your computer's help files - they will be more concise, more knowledgeable and more responsive than I could ever hope to be.    I've sized this to fit a standard screen height of 768 - I realize there are lots of variables that could impact how the file displays on your screen. Let me know if, once you get the file installed, there are display quality issues (keep in mind, too, that options such as "stretching to fit," "tiling" and "cropping" will impact your display, so check those first!).   Meanwhil

Liquid Sunshine

    "Liquid Sunshine," 10" x 10", another Water Dog painting starring the same muse as  "August,"  from last week. Done in acrylics on a museum quality panel, "Liquid Sunshine" is available for $539 to the first one  asking nicely .    May your coming days be packed full of joy and sunshine and treasured moments. I will return to daily painting in the New Year.   Merry, merry!! Kim, who cannot believe another year has come and gone - thank you for keeping me company    

YELLOW Has a Home!!

    "YELLOW," 8" x 10", portrait of a sunshiney yellow lab, valued at $469US.   I knew I could count on you!   On Monday of this week I announced a fundraiser for my local shelter, with the grand prize being the above painting or a gift certificate for a commissioned pet portrait. The event ran through noon today.   I just wrote a check to the Oakland Pet Adoption Center for $860! I can't wait to deliver it - I am filled with gladness, as this is a gift of pure compassion. Thank you to all who participated in the promotion!!   And earlier this afternoon I sent a congradulatory email to our lucky winner - I am imaging great rejoicing at their end, too. **UPDATE: The winner is torn between choosing YELLOW or a portrait of her orange tabby..... stay tuned for future developments!!   As a thank you, I have set up YELLOW for reproductions at cost through FineArtAmerica. Prints on paper start at $13.  Grab a mess of them  and

Getting It Done

I'm asked all the time how I get seemingly so much accomplished. I feel like I don't get nearly enough done, but I guess that's my problem......   Anyway, I've adapted a couple tricks over the course of the years and I thought I would share: I take advantage of block scheduling, like running all my errands together one day every week. I also consolidate studio chores - for instance, Sunday evenings are spent varnishing paintings, Monday mornings are packing and shipping days. I schedule myself one half-day a week for client consults, photo shoots, painting deliveries, visits and other things that may take me out of the studio. I have a daily routine - household chores followed by several hours of computer work, with my end goal being getting to the easel by noon. Because everything else is done, I can paint until afternoon activities start up with my kids, typically around 4 or 5. My Better Half chips in and does carpools and dinners when home in time, and


  "August," 10" x 14", another Water Dog painting, depicting a golden retriever playing in the sprinkler. This painting will hopefully get juried into The Art Show at the Dog Show  next month, and, if so, will be available for purchase through them.  Let me know  if you are interested, and I'll keep you in the loop.       Wishing you all a quiet and beautiful evening, Kim, who plans on having double helpings of quiet and beautiful tonite    

A Gift for Moi

I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point I started measuring production instead of growth. I've been thinking a lot about this since the soul searching I did in October 2012 regarding authenticity and seeking direction.  Therefore I've given myself permission to actively pursue knowledge this coming year - whether that's via reading, painting lessons, taking in an exhibition, class study - whatever. And yes, that means some necessary time away from the easel and a decrease in production - but hopefully it will also result in an increase in quality. Because while it is all about the end product, it is also very much about the journey to get there.  I'll spend at least one day each week in active learning mode - and I started last week by working out some color theory concepts I couldn't wrap my brain around a few years ago. They are slowly making sense now! What will you give yourself permission to do in 2013? Kim, who&#

YELLOW - The Color of Hope

If you have ever wanted one of my paintings but not been able to make it happen, now is your chance - read on! "YELLOW," 8" x 10", portrait of a sunshiney yellow lab, valued at $469US. The first layer of paint on this panel was a commission, and my buyer inexplicably flew the coop. After months of no response and feeling sad for this little face staring at me, I decided to make something positive happen. So, I got out my brightest paints and reveled in yellow. She got a facelift and a new name, with the intention of bringing sunshine where it is most needed. Then I got to work figuring out the best way to send YELLOW into the world. Here's what's going down - I'm raffling YELLOW off.  Proceeds will go to  my local shelter  - and I know there are many, many wonderful causes out there - but the giving does not end here - so, please, read on some more!! The winner can choose to take YELLOW for themselves, or they may


    "Mazey," 12" x 16", a commissioned portrait, depicting a cherished family member. In process pics of Mazey's portrait are on  the studio Facebook page .   I am devastated by the news coming from Connecticut today. My heart goes out to all those touched by this senseless tragedy.   Doing my best to hold onto a holiday frame-of-mind, Kim, who's hugging her kids when they come in the door  

Napalm, A Painted Sketch

    "Napalm," a commissioned painted sketch, image approximately 4-1/2" square centered on a 9" x 12" page depicting one very furry mixed breed.    Two more portraits to go before I can start my own Christmas shopping!! Fondly, Kim, who's making a list and checking it twice  


    "Buddy," 8" x 10", commissioned dog portrait, done in acrylics on a museum quality panel. Buddy's painting has a home (THANK YOU!), and in process pics are on the  studio's Facebook page .   So, like, this is one of my all time favorite pieces to come off my easel.    I'm feeling rather pleased with myself right now.    Fondly, Kim, who's head might have grown a couple sizes this afternoon    


    "Ali," 5" x 7", commissioned dog portrait of a Belgian Malinois, done in acrylics on a museum quality panel. I don't get asked to paint these gorgeous dogs nearly enough - isn't her smile just amazing?   I'll  answer any questions you might have  about getting a smiling portrait of your own dog in your own home. Just let me know.   Again, this is my final week for commissions - I'm spending most of every day and a good chunk of the nights at the easel. All because I love sending paintings like Ali's out into the world.   Want a gift certificate? well then,  let me know !!   Fondly, Kim, who cannot read minds but is happy to make your portrait wishes come true    


    "Rocky," 6" square, commissioned portrait of a Golden Retriever senior citizen, done in acrylics on a museum quality panel. Rocky has a home (THANK YOU!) but I'll be happy to  answer any questions you might have  about getting one of my paintings in to your own home.   This is my final week for commissions - and in addition to celebrating the end of another spectacular year (including nearly 150 new paintings!!), the Santini family is marking two very special days. The Man Child turns 18 today, and The Princess will be 12 on Saturday.   Chocolate cake for everyone!!   (And Psst,  let me know  if you want to be added to the A-List of gift-givers, because I can totally hook you up with a gift certificate),   Kim, who is ready to start the party    


    "Beare," 6" square, commissioned portrait of an Aussie, done in acrylics on a museum quality panel. Beare has a home (THANK YOU!) but I'll be happy to  answer any questions you might have  about getting one of my paintings in to your own home.   It's been busy here - I'm now offering gift certificates to anyone wishing to gift a portrait for the holidays. Gift certificates are customized and full color, and can be emailed for easy-peasy shopping.   Let me know  if you want to be added to the A-List of gift-givers, Kim, who is down to her last week of holiday commissions before punching out until the New Year - how did this happen?    

Bah Humbug

    "Bah Humbug," 12" square, portrait of studio muse Mona Lisa, done in acrylics on a museum quality panel, $599 to the first  asking nicely . Just don't disturb her sleep!   In-process photos can be seen on  the studio Facebook page .   And my Christmas gift to you? I've set Bah Humbug up on Fine Art America so that you may  order prints or notecards . Right. Now.    (You can also order prints of Mona's other two seasonal portraits,  "Holiday Lights"  and  "Candy Cane."   Prints start at only $22 and make a fantastic gift!)   Happy holidays!! Kim, who is tip-toeing around quietly    


    "Scout," 5" x 7", commissioned portrait of a well-dressed kitty, acrylics on a museum quality panel, private collection (THANK YOU!). In-process photos can be see in  the studio Facebook page .   Don't you just love those whiskers? I think they are rather Santa-like, Kim, who still believes, and asks for a pony each Christmas    

Greta II

    "Greta II," 8" square, companion piece to  Greta I  (painted yesterday), commissioned portrait of a mixed breed dog, acrylics on a museum quality panel, private collection (THANK YOU!). In-process photos of both Gretas are available on  the studio Facebook page .   Fondly, Kim, who loves to work in series' like the Greta's, and is looking formore water dog muses - feel free to email me your pics    


"Greta," 8" square, commissioned portrait of a mixed breed dog, acrylics on a museum quality panel, private collection (THANK YOU!). Greta's blessed her family with 18 years of love and companionship - she was well due her time on the easel. In-process photos of her portrait are available on  the studio Facebook page . There's lots more paintings where Greta came from - just  shoot me an emal  and we can plan your own portrait. I'm currently booking for 2013 (think Valentine's Day.....) and can deliver a gift certificate well in time for the holidays. Fondly, Kim, who is off to mail five holiday gift paintings to their new homes