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"Luna," 7" x 12", acrylics on museum quality panel, depicting a stunning paint horse, in process photos here . Thank you Maggie Weakley (friend and fellow artist) for sharing your muse with me. $499, inquiries may come to me . I know I've always preached that black paint can be a crutch. And I've never used it.  Then Robert Genn called it the Queen of Color . And friend and mentor Vianna Szabo told me she was using it in her new limited palette ( and she's taking a group to Italy to paint, in case you are interested ). I was already painting black and white horses, falling in love with the abstractions of their markings and the play of light. The next step was to push the boundary even further and eliminate the middle ground. Hence The Luna Series has been born. There's another Luna piece in process on the studio Facebook page. And one in my head, ready to spill out. And more in the works. Black CAN be

Flushing Copyright Thieves

Clinker was one of the 20 illegally copied images of my paintings I discovered on ebay yesterday, thanks to a heads up from a colleague and friend who found the same "Artist" copying her work and that of other daily painters. Ebay has been notified and is taking appropriate action. I suspect Karma will be making a house call shortly as well. In the light of yesterday's situation , I got many emails and messages asking how one learns of copyright violations. Here are a couple suggestions: Become a watchdog on the sites you frequent. Don't hesitate to let the originating artist know if you see a copy of their work elsewhere - send them the webaddress and suspected infringer's name. If you come across copies in person, collect the infringer's name and contact information along with the painting's title and pass that along to the originating artist. Set up google alerts for keywords pertaining to your own work, like your name, your st

Kidney Stones and Copyright Thieves

Betcha you thought you'de never see that blog header! For starters, after 10 rather agonizing days, I've finally passed my kidney stone. There was much celebration this morning. But now I have another headache to deal with. Yup. Another copyright thief. Seems like a certain "Artist" has been paying honor to those who's work she likes by painting copies. Then this certain "Artist" sells these copies as their own on ebay. 1300 sales to their name over the course of the years with 100% satisfaction. Because they ship on time. Too bad there isn't an ebay rating for originality and integrity. So after celebrating The Passing of My Stone, I spent my morning filling out forms and doing the legal paperwork so that ebay removes the listings from their site. Keep in mind these are sales which were already completed. The "Artist" has her money. Nothing will really happen to her. This sort of thing drives me absolutely mad. This &

Margot's Apples

Apples, 30" square, oil on canvas, by Margot van Horn, proudly hanging in my family room. They are flanked with a landscape by Linda Shantz and three ATC sized silver prints by Juliet Harrison , along with a couple of my creepy dolls. To the right on the wall, a drawing by Susan Leyland  hangs above an oil painting by Virginia Vaughan . In addition to all the pieces from the artists she represented, Margot had a sampling of her own artwork at her Gallery. She was always thinking about the next half dozen pieces to come out of her studio, and she was never at a loss for ideas. The instant I saw these apples, I was in love. She had been painting shadows without using black - you know that's a concept close to my heart - and pushing the boundaries of representation vs a flat picture plane. I gushed to her over this painting, then came home and gushed to My Better Half.  When I called later, wanting to buy the painting, Margot told me it ha

Missing You Already

A journal page done after Margot's diagnosis, where I "spilled" stream of consciouness writing, layering the words overtop each other, then returned to pick out pattern and symbol. Margot has been my biggest fan since we met over 13 years ago. As a gallery owner, she worked her tail off to promote and sell my work. As a fellow artist, we hashed through all sorts of artsy things together while trying out new ideas. And as a friend, she relentlessly kicked my butt into gear on pretty much everything. "Just shut up and paint," she would tell me when I was over analyzing and trying to drag her into my mess. She knew painting would provide the clarity I needed. Margot passed away early Tuesday morning after a brief illness. The last two weeks I've been repeatedly rocked to my core - first with her diagnosis, then her move to hospice, and now with saying goodbye. She was always so damned matter of fact about things, but did


"Braids," 6" x 8", acrylics on a museum quality panel, depicting a Gypsy Vanner mare with her hair done. A couple in process photos are here , and if you want to add this one to your collection ($329) email me . SOLD This is the same mare from Baby Steps and Like Her Momma , in case you are looking for a threesome. Of paintings, that is. Thanks for following along with my artwork,  Kim

Getting Cozy, Our 2014 Valentine Giveaway Painting

"Getting Cozy," 8" x 10", acrylics on a museum quality panel, depicting Dugger, our 2014 Valentine's Day winner! This portrait will be shipped to his family early next week. In process photos are here , and you can see how tough a choice I had to make here . Extra special warm thanks to everyone who helped make this year's contest so much fun. I wish I could have painted more than one image.... Hoping your day has been sprinkled with love! Thanks for following along with my artwork,  Kim

Into the Light

"Into the Light," 10" square, acrylics on a museum quality panel, depicting Mona Lisa snuggled into a sliver of light, $499 to the first one emailing . In process photos are here . Mona snuggled in deep and slept soundly on The Caped Crusader's lap last nite, and I knew the image would haunt me until I painted it. Some days you just have to go with the flow - when inspiration strikes, I juggle things about and make the most of it. Next up? After dinner I'm teaching a couple dozen kids how to draw their pets' faces. And tomorrow I paint the Valentine portrait. Thanks for following along with my artwork,  Kim

Baby Steps

"Baby Steps," 10" x 5-3/4", acrylics on a museum quality panel, depicting a Gypsy Vanner mare and new foal, $399 to the first one to email . In process photos are here . I needed a breath of spring in the studio today, so I spoiled myself with some bright green grass. And indulged in another favorite of mine - black and white. Which as you know isn't really black or white. But that green? It is most definately green. Horses courtesy of Mt Christie Gypsy Horses , which I visited two springs ago with a friend, just days after this little one hit the ground.  Is it possible to have spring fever in early February? I'm in for a long couple of months if so..... Thanks for following along with my artwork,  Kim


Ruby, one of the finalists for a free portrait - talk about beautiful eyes! That's the subject line of the email I just sent out to the 12 finalists in this year's Valentine Painting Giveaway . There was well over 100 entries received this year (and sadly, they are still arriving, even after the deadline has passed). I have spent the entire day looking at photos, tagging and flagging and resorting and painting each of them in my head. It's been a grand old time! Thank you to all who sent in photos - the choices were varied and inspiring and heartwarming. Nothing tells a more compelling story about love than the slideshow I watched this morning. Meanwhile I'm looking forward to picking up my brushes on Friday and painting someone a most excellent Valentine. Which one would you choose to paint? Thanks for following along with my artwork,  Kim

Rosie and Abby

AT TOP, "Rosie," below, "Abby," two 5"x7" commissioned kitty portraits I completed today. Each of them are in acrylics on museum quality panels, and both are headed to a new home next week. Want something like this for yourself? email me . I worked on these two simultaneously - there's plenty of in process images over on the studio FB page. Also, don't forget to send in your photos - you just might be gifted a Valentine's day portrait next week! Complete rules to below - please take a minute and make certain your submission follows the guidelines. It makes my decision making process so much easier. Thanks for following along with my artwork,  Kim Above one of the Valentine Day entries - Zoey wants her portrait painted! Here's how it works: Send 2-3 clear, non-flash copyright free photos of your pet  to me via email , using the subj

2014 Valentine Painting Giveaway!

2013's Dog a Day Valentine Giveaway winner Gigi starred in her own 10" x 10" portrait, my gift to her family as thanks for following along with my artwork. What's better than a box of conversation hearts? Winning one of my paintings starring your favorite furry Valentine! That's right, it's time for the Dog a Day Valentine Giveaway! Here's how it works: Send 2-3 clear, non-flash copyright free photos of your pet  to me via email , using the subject line of "Valentine." Be creative in your photos - I will be looking for artistic merit, not just cuteness!! JPG files (the photos you submit) should be at least 5" wide on the longest side and at 100dpi. Entries must be received by midnight EST on Sunday, February 9th, 2013. One entry (2-3 photos of same pet = one entry) per household, please.  Prior Valentine winners are not eligable to participate. I will do my best to acknowledge r

A Baker's Dozen

Demo-ing the idea of blocking in quickly, photo courtesy of Douglas Nelson Photography   Last weekend I had the distinct priviledge of painting with a baker's dozen. Artists, that is. (Although painting donuts would be a lot of fun (a la Kelley Macdonald ), hmmm.) Not to be sidetracked by cruellers, I was truly impressed by the work ethic and attitude these painters possessed - I pushed them far out of their comfort zones and they didn't complain one tiny bit. Warm thanks to The Craft Shack for hosting our days, and many hugs going out to my new students and friends. See what they did  and find out how you can be a part of the paint slinging . It's rumored I'll be returning to the Orlando area to teach again next year. I'm making a mental note to add donuts to our list of still life props! Thanks for following along with my artwork,  Kim