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  "The Gloaming," 9"x12", acrylics and graphite on museum quality panel, $429 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. Returning collectors receive 10% off. I accept paypal, personal checks and payment plans. inquiries can always come  to me . This piece showed up the other day, in just a matter of a few hours. But she also came to life overtop of another pony painting which I had labored over for probably 2 years at least, never quite getting that one resolved. So I drew a new pony overtop, keeping the head and neck placement but changing the body, added the celestial orb, painted a few marks/shapes (probably 1/3 of the panel is the old painting showing through) and voila!!  Funny how that can happen, isn't it? Her intention all along was to be herself - not something I was trying to force into existence. This also has me thinking that it might be fun to do a daily painted sketch of sorts on paper, and once I've accumulated a month's worth, to go back i


  "Fern," 12"x16", acrylics and graphite on museum quality panel, $499 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. Returning collectors receive 10% off. I accept paypal, personal checks and payment plans. inquiries can always come  to me . I haven't signed any paintings (other than a small commission) since the beginning of the month. That's unheard of, at least in my world. There has been so much going on, between the pet portrait demos, meetings, workshops and zoom sessions, that I've not been able to get to the easel as much as usual. So it felt wonderfully good to bring this one to completion today.  Thanks for following along on my painting journey, Be well, Fondly, Kim PS The Pet Portrait painting videos are now   available for streaming !


  This little painting is one of my most popular images for   reproductions.   I love the sauciness of her! She's a great example of brushwork and color, both topics I'm going into deeply with the second session of the pet portraiture demo, which airs live Monday, May 24th at 7pm. Above, the demonstration paintings from Part One. In this session we discussed in great detail concept development, client communication, and reference photo selection. We also addressed substrates, palette management aspects, and got an underpainting down along with the initial block in of Bean. If you wish to catch up, you can watch the session on demand. Full details are   here . And just like that, we are onto Part Two!! continuing right where we left off, I'll explain how I layer my gestural marks, my choice of color, how I mix said color, and a special focus on the importance of the animal's gaze. My goal is to bring at least Beanie's face to completion, and to tie up/summarize the d


  "Momma Bear," 36"x36"x1-1/2", acrylics and graphite/water solubles on gallery wrap canvas, sides painted (so no need to frame), $1999 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. Yes, there will be prints made of this one once she sells. Returning collectors receive 10% off. I accept paypal, personal checks and payment plans. inquiries can always come  to me . This one will be tough to let go. I just adore the end result - but more importantly, the road that got me here was fruitful, engaging and educational. I am ready to continue pushing my imagery and leveling up my creative voice. Momma Bear is a key milestone piece in this journey for sure! A journey which, through the magic of the internet, I am able to share in great detail with   my online students . I have two tiers, or levels, depending on your individual goals: Studio Visits ($15/mo) are designed for those curious about my process and starting to chart their own pathway. Real Time content ($25/mo) is m

LIVE PET PORTRAIT Demonstration and Class

"Rudy & Riley," 11"x14"x1, acrylics on cradled panel, commissioned portrait. HOWEVER, if you recognize these two, please please please keep it on the down low, as the portrait has not been yet gifted (the recipient is not on Facebook). inquiries can always come  to me . For years I have been asked to teach pet portraiture online. I mean years - probably a decade or so. You have been more than patient with me. Which is why I am so thrilled to finally announce that I am doing so! May 18th at 7pm eastern I will begin Part 1 of a live demonstration of a pet portrait. I'm starting from the very beginning, building a composition that will look and feel like our subject, using   the wonderful goofball Bean   as our model. I plan to talk about reference photo curation, composition and design, then go into surface choice and preparation, blocking the painting in, and carry the mark-making until the piece is completed (or close enough that you all get the point). We w

NEW PAINTING Full Moon (a Portrait of Blue)

  "Full Moon (a portrait of Blue)," 14"x18", acrylics on panel, Not currently for sale (I intend to enter this piece in a juried exhibition where it must be for sale), but if you are interested in acquiring this painting in a couple months, inquiries can always come  to me . I love my Blue. As they say with rescue animals, who rescued who? and that's certainly the case with this little guy, who is teaching me to slow down and be clearer and deliberate with my actions. He's also amplified the joy present in my life a thousand fold. Spiritual wisdom tells us that a full moon is a symbol of a heart-centric, new beginning. I believe that our world is readying itself for just that, as vaccines are disbursed and we begin our post-pandemic lives. And who better to amplify that beginning than a little rescue dog, who came to us after 4 other households decided he wasn't the right fit for them. ALSO (a little reward for those of you who are still reading!) I will


  In honor of what should be Kentucky Derby Week, I am sharing my original equine work, which is something I've done this time every year since 2007. "She Bows Her Head and Honors the Light in All of Us," 24"x30", acrylics on panel, $899 plus s&h. This painting is cleated and wired on the backside, so the buyer has the option of hanging it floating-style on the wall. It can also be framed. I accept Paypal, personal checks and payment plans. Purchase inquiries can always come   to me . I posted this painting exactly one year ago today, as part of last year's Kentucky Derby Week celebrations. Here's what I wrote about it   then . Inside the space of a year, this painting's narrative has also grown to include a representation of kindness and grace in our world, non judgmental listening, acceptance of differing points of view, inclusion and fairness, and strong, principle based leadership (yes, Ms Blais - my 4th grade teacher - that was intentionally