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Goldfinch, Goldfish

  Goldfinch, Goldfish make her yours Goldfinch, Goldfish, original acrylic on a deeply cradled panel, image painted around the sides makes framing optional, 30”x30”x2-1/2”, $2100 plus s&h. Link to purchase is below. Questions can always come  to me , or just reach out to share some love. I snuck off on vacation last week and found myself mostly unplugged, in a tropical setting, with absolutely no agenda. I allowed my head and my feet to wander, and soaked up all sorts of new textures and experiences to bring home. Goldfinch, Goldfish is the first piece since my return. She started as a drawing experiment overtop an older painting. Something about that first pass with the graphite hooked me, and I continued onward, working intuitively, repeatedly drawing, painting overtop, and then redrawing the birds. Create-destroy-rebuild is a key part of my process - it builds complex problems for me to solve at the easel while mirroring the insanity of the world at large. Essentially it engages