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Christmas in July

Head on over to the studio Facebook page, people!!

If you aren't already a fan, start by "liking" the page.

Then look at my timeline and find the photo/graphic that, when shared, will get you an entry in a giveaway for one 8" x 10" commissioned portrait valued at $469. (Hint: It looks pretty much identical to the image above)

Share said image on your own Facebook timeline.

Now you are entered to win!! Easy peasy, huh?

This portrait will be created in time for 2012 holiday giving (gifting to yourself is A-OK). Winner is responsible for any applicable shipping costs and taxes.

Interested parties must share the aforementioned photo/graphic that is on the studio Facebook page. Shares must be public and from friends/fans of the studio page, and must be shared between now and the end of this month (July 31st). In exchange, the share-er earns one chance at winning the portrait.

Let me reiterate that I've got to be able to see the share - so things sent via private messaging or email or newsletter forwarding do not count. Only shares done publically on Facebook from friends or fans of the studio page are eligible. Sharing and then deleting said share will negate entry eligibility.

Odds of winning are totally determined by how many shares completed. However, odds of winner receiving an amazing portrait and skyrocketing to the top of recipient's Favorite Person list are pretty darned good.

Painting delivery hinges entirely upon winner providing suitable reference photos in a timely manner.

Winning entry will be chosen entirely at random in early August.

Don't you just love the thrill of a good contest?!

Kim, who still wishes she won a carnival goldfish all those years ago


  1. Great contest! You really capture the personality in your portraits. Very unique and personal. Thanks for giving us a chance to win one!


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