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Gracie - An Artists' Muse

FROM TOP: "Inquisitive" and "Precocious," both 9" square sketches of Gracie, a miniature salt and pepper Schnauzer, done in Golden Open Acrylics on multimedia artboard. One for my client and one for.... you! Drop me a line if you are interested.

BOTH SOLD (thank you!)

Gracie belongs to another artist, the amazing photographer Sarah Beth. It's clear from Gracie's eyes that she knows her job is to inspire. And that she takes said job as seriously as tormenting the cats.

And when Gracie's "Mom" Sarah isn't shooting photographs of Gracie, she's working up equally gorgeous photos of her clients' dogs. I was moved to tears when reading about her session with Gryphon, a terminally ill golden. Sarah has the sort of compassion and dedication towards rescued animals and service animals that we love and respect around these parts, too.

So, when you are done oogling over Sarah Beth's website, take a minute to visit the Daily Painter's site and cement my position in the Top 5 !!

Your assignment is such: visit (and have patience - the site's been having problems loading up today) and vote 5 gold stars for Painting a Dog a Day.

If you voted before you can vote again - the winner will be chosen on June 18th based on number of votes.

I'm sending out a huge thanks - you got me this far, and I truly appreciate it!!


PS. PSST - Want to commission a portrait of your own? inquiries (I'm now offering sketches starting at $29, paintings at $209) may always come to me.

TWITTER: ksantini
READING MATERIAL: Preview and order each of the Dog a Day books at the publisher's website: The First Year (2006-2007) and That's 14 in Dog Years (2008). If you would like your copy personalized, order them through me.


  1. Kim - sent in my vote!!!!!!!!! Good luck. Also, plan on sending you a pic of my dog Sophie - my husband keeps asking me to paint her but she's a standard poodle - not a beagle - fat chance I can achieve that!

  2. thank you SO much! i love love love them :)

  3. Sinderella, I can't wait to paint Sophie for you. Sarah, this was completely my pleasure. :)


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