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HAPPY HOLIDAYS From the Studio


How is it that we are staring at (American) Thanksgiving already? I truly can't wrap my brain around this yet, but I will admit to greatly enjoying decorating the house this last weekend, as we ready for kids and family in the coming weeks. This is our second holiday in this particular home, although I'm not sure that last year really counted, given that we moved mid-December and were still very much in a pre-vaccine pandemic, so we are making sure to enjoy and savor every ritual.

If you have started on making your list and checking it twice (listmaking is one of my superpowers!), you may be looking for clever ideas to gift the creatives in your life. May I humbly suggest a few of my offerings:

Holiday ornaments featuring my artwork (just under $10). Every single image in my Pixels (aka FineArtAmerica) storefront can be ordered as an ornament or magnet. You want to navigate to the image you like, and the ornament option is under "Home Decor." (Did you also know that images can be printed on tapestries, throw pillows, totebags, smart phone cases, shower curtains and traditional art print substrates?)

Reproductions will brighten a space just like original artwork (prices vary based on size and substrate, from $20+), with the benefit of a much lower price point, which works beautifully for all sorts of gifting. Choose something traditional, like a print on canvas, or go with a more unique look, like printing on clear acrylic, metal, or even a tapestry. Just like with the ornaments, you want to navigate to the image you like, and then choose "Wall Art" to explore your options. For that matter, notecards, too, make a fantastic frameable gift.

Jigsaw puzzles ($40) featuring my paintings are a great way to spend quality time together - or gift yourself a pocket of quiet (I heard recently about a writer who turns to jigsaw puzzles when developing characters and narratives). Navigate to the image you like, choose the number of pieces/size, and hit ship!

#journalthroughit lessons remain free - partner them with a journaling kit that's super easy to put together - all you need is a sketchbook and some gel pens or brush markers (or even crayons!), and you have a wonderful gift!

I have self published a number of books (starting at $20+) - there's three titles that summarize the early years of Painting a Dog a Day, and two smaller books designed to be used as journals/diaries, one featuring imagery from The Siren's series, and the newest title inspired by some of The Talisman paintings. You will hear more about this one later this week!

Pet portrait streamable lessons ($25 per part) are perfect for the budding artist looking to improve their understanding of animal portraiture. Start with Part One to learn the basics (learn to work a portrait from the ground up, including concept development, client communication, reference photo selection, surface considerations, palette layout and my unique approach to working directly with paint), while Part Two brings the piece closer to fruition (virtual students will pick up where the first session left off - they will work from the underpainting/first pass on a portrait, with careful discussion of layered brushwork and color/palette management). Note that demos are done in acrylic paints, but the concepts and business angle apply to many other media.

Shopping for an artist who's seeking their own unique painting style? look no further than my online classroom space ($15-25/month) which is geared directly for that. Via mentoring by example, I create weekly streamable content that outlines my own practices from a creative and inspirational standpoint - I talk about where ideas come from, how to align them with problems I find fascinating, and how to craft an art practice out of discovering your own interests, then manifesting them visually and structuring a body of work that is uniquely your own. There are two levels, or tiers, to this classroom - one for those just beginning their creative journey, and one for the artist who is actively excavating their own voice.

And there's always the gift of original art (roughly $450+). I am not accepting commissions at the moment, but do have a variety of pieces available for purchase, either through a gallery or directly from my studio. You are welcome to shop right off my website, or shoot me a noteletting me know what you are looking for, and I can help you find just the right piece.

Regardless of what ends up on your list (for giving and receiving!), my wish is that you have a holiday complete with magic. Find your joy and share it with loved ones, in person, digitally, via snail mail - however you are able to safely connect and celebrate.

Thanks, as always, for following along on my painting journey,

Be well,
Fondly, Kim


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