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Family II, paper roughly 36"x48", mixed media (paint and charcoal), $800 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. This piece will ship rolled and need to be set behind glass to ensure longevity. I do have a scroll type hanging system for  temporarily use which can be included with the piece at no extra cost. Questions can always come to me.

taking a family portrait can be tricky....


You know, getting everyone to look at the camera and smile simultaneously. No stealth pinches right before the shutter clicks. No bunny ears or duck lips or awkward expressions. No silent but deadly farts (I'm having flashbacks to a particularly hilarious portrait session with my four brothers). 

I enjoyed imagining the dialogue between these foxes. Their body language evolved and shifted as their storyline grew over the course of the year that this one was in process.

I enjoyed it so much that I stretched another large piece of paper and set myself up for a repeat performance.

Here is the link to purchase Family II. Also, let me know if you would like the magnetic scroll type frame I've currently got her in, which will allow hanging immediately upon receipt (I do recommend she go behind glass eventually to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment).

Thanks so much for your interest in my artwork,
All my best, warmly, Kim

PSST There is a Watching Paint Dry live q&a via zoom this week - Wednesday at 7pm eastern. These sessions are informal conversations about my work and process - this time around I will address play and how I use it in my work day. You can join us here.


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Figment 3," 18" x 24", acrylics and graphite on panel, $799 plus s&h to the first asking nicely. I accept paypal, venmo, personal checks and payment plans. Inquiries may always come   to me . I am thinking about the elements, and wondering aloud (and with my paints) as to whether I can paint something that contains all of them. Spirit. Fire. Air. Water. Earth. This one is a step closer in that direction. Thanks so very much for following along on my art journey, Warmly, Kim

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